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Subject: Postdoc in forest canopy structure-carbon cycling relationships

Postdoc in forest canopy structure-carbon cycling relationships: Our team=
 seeks a postdoctoral=20
associate, preferably starting January 2016 but with some flexibility, to=
 investigate how and why=20
temperate forest canopy structure affects carbon storage and cycling. The=
 NSF-supported project will=20
use the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON; http://www.neoninc=
.org/) to evaluate=20
whether canopy structural complexity -- the spatial variability in leaf a=
rrangement within a canopy --=20
is a generalized predictor of forest carbon storage within and across sit=
es varying in physical=20
structure, species composition and diversity, and climate. The position r=
equires travel during the field=20
season to temperate forest NEON sites in the Eastern US. The postdoctoral=
 associate will interact=20
extensively with NEON staff and researchers, participate in a research ne=
twork advancing ecological=20
applications of lidar, have generous support for meeting and site travel,=
 assume a leadership role in=20
publishing project results, and gain teaching experience as instructor of=
 record of a 1-credit seminar=20
course. The postdoc will be part of a collaborative team, comprised of PI=
s Chris Gough=20
(http://www.people.vcu.edu/~cmgough/index.htm; Virginia Commonwealth U), =
Bob Fahey (U of=20
Connecticut), and Brady Hardiman (Purdue U), and students, and hosted by =
(http://www.vcu.edu/) in Richmond, VA. Salary is ~$41K annually, with ful=
l benefits including=20
retirement and medical insurance. For more information contact Chris Goug=
h (cmgough at vcu.edu) or=20
see the project abstract (http://www.people.vcu.edu/~cmgough/EAGER-NEON_p=
Applications consisting of a cover letter, CV, and list of three referenc=
es with contact information=20
should be sent to cmgough at vcu.edu, and will be reviewed beginning October=
 1 and continue until the=20
position is filled.
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