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Position Announcement

Crop modeling postdoctoral position at NCAR
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Boulder, Colorado

Application deadline: May 16, 2015

The Terrestrial Science Section (TSS) at the National Center for 
Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado, seeks a postdoctoral 
researcher in crop modeling to interact with climate modelers, land use 
modelers, and economic modelers to carry out interdisciplinary research 
on the effects of climate, CO2, and agricultural management on crop 
yields and its societal consequences. Key functions in this position are 
to (1) conduct research on crop modeling within the Community Land Model 
(CLM) as part of the Community Earth System Model (CESM) and its 
application to assessment of climate change impacts on agriculture; and 
(2) use a combination of model experiments and observational data to 
develop, validate, and apply the CLM-crop model.

The successful applicant will join an interdisciplinary research section 
at NCAR that includes groups working on both the role of the terrestrial 
biosphere in the climate system and interactions between climate and 
human systems 
(https://www2.cgd.ucar.edu/sections/tss-terrestrial-sciences). The 
section has an organizational home within the Climate and Global 
Dynamics Laboratory (CGD) and contributes to NCAR’s status as a 
world-leading climate modeling center.

The position requires expertise in crop modeling, particularly in the 
context of large-scale land surface modeling; experience working with 
land surface and climate models; expertise working with large 
geophysical data sets, including climate model output; and proficiency 
writing scientific codes, especially in Fortran, with experience working 
in a UNIX environment.

This is a full-time two-year term position. For a detailed job 
description and instructions on how to apply, see http://goo.gl/HlArln.

For more information on application procedures, contact Nancy Wade 
(nwade at ucar.edu <mailto:nwade at ucar.edu>). For more information on the 
position, contact Brian O’Neill (email: boneill at ucar.edu 
<mailto:boneill at ucar.edu>) or Gordon Bonan (bonan at ucar.edu 
<mailto:bonan at ucar.edu>).
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