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PACE (Postdocs Applying Climate Expertise) Fellowship Program

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Job Description

    The UCAR Visiting Scientist Programs (VSP)
    <http://www.vsp.ucar.edu/> announces the annual call for
    applications for the PACE (Postdocs Applying Climate Expertise)
    Fellowship Program. Several postdoctoral fellows will be appointed.
    *The recruitment period ends May 15, 2015.*

    UCAR postdoctoral fellowships positions are for two years based on
    continued program funding. Successful applicants in this program
    will be hosted by two mentors: one mentor in climate research, the
    other mentor in the decision making area.

    The program seeks recent or anticipated Ph.D.’s who have
    demonstrated expertise in climate science and who are interested in
    applying their knowledge of the climate system to increase
    decision-making capacity in climate-sensitive sectors.

    Partial relocation costs paid per UCAR’s relocation policy.


    The program has been developed to:

      * Grow the pool of scientists qualified to work at the interface
        between climate science and its applications.

      * Transition advances in climate science and climate prediction
        into climate-related decision-making tools and frameworks.

      * Increase and strengthen collaboration between climate research
        institutions and decision-making institutions across all sectors.


    Conducts independent or collaborative research under a proposed plan
    related to the goals of the program.

    Documenting the results of the research in scientific publications,
    and presenting those results at seminars and conferences.

    Pursuing outside activities that advance professional growth, which
    may include contributing to educational programs, serving on
    committees, and attending workshops.


    Education and Experience:

      * Ph.D. degree related to climate science and climate prediction; with
      * Preference is given to those who have held a Ph.D. for no more
        than three years.

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

      * Ability to demonstrate climate science expertise.
      * Ability to work independently and conduct research with minimal
      * Skill in oral and written communication.


    *Before you begin the OpenHire process please prepare your
    application in one (1) PDF document, in the order numbered below. *

     1. Cover letter that includes a statement of interest and how those
        interests relate to the PACE goals and objectives.
     2. A one to two page description explaining why you are a climate
     3. Curriculum vitae including a list of publications.
     4. Names and contact information for four professional references.
        One reference must be from the thesis advisor. See reference
        information below.
     5. PhD thesis title and abstract.
     6. Description of PhD thesis research (and other research, if
        applicable), including general areas of expertise (e.g.,
        regional modeling, drought dynamics, extreme event estimation,

    *Step 1. To begin the application process, at the bottom of this
    page click “New Resume/CV.” The next page presents options for you
    to submit your materials. Select “Upload a resume/CV document.”*

    *Step 2. You will then be prompted to submit your **résumé or CV.
    Click “Browse” to find your file on your computer. At this point,
    upload your complete application as one (1) PDF document.*

    *Step 3. Continue the application process as prompted. Step 4 of the
    online application process will ask you if you want to upload
    additional documentation. /Ignore this step./*

    *Reference Information:*

    Applicants are responsible for contacting four referees to have
    letters sent to UCAR/VSP by the application deadline. One letter
    must be from the thesis advisor, and letters from more than one
    institution are encouraged. Referees should be directed to Reference
    Letter Guidance at http://www.vsp.ucar.edu/pace/references.html.

    *Please have reference letters sent by email to UCAR Visiting
    Scientist Programs at **vspapply at ucar.edu* <mailto:vspapply at ucar.edu>*.*

    Questions on the VSP application process may be addressed to
    vspapply at ucar.edu <mailto:vspapply at ucar.edu> or 303-497-1605.

    Questions on the OpenHire application process may be addressed to
    Martha Jones at martha at ucar.edu, or 303-497-8715.

Job Location
    Various, Colorado, United States 

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