[ES_JOBS_NET] applications due: Success in GEO REU (MS PHD’S–GEO REU) Professional Development Program

Christine Wiedinmyer christin at ucar.edu
Thu Sep 4 15:49:53 MDT 2014

  /The Institute for Broadening Participation (//IBP/
  <http://www.pathwaystoscience.org>/) is excited to announce that it is
  now accepting applications to the Minorities Striving and Pursuing
  Higher Degrees of Success in GEO REU (//MS PHD’S–GEO REU/
  <http://www.msphds.org/POS.aspx>/) Professional Development Program!///

  The /MS PHD’S–GEO REU /will occur December 13-19, 2014 in conjunction
  with the December 2014 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting

  /Applicants can apply online at: //http://www.msphds.org/POSapp.aspx/

  /Deadline to apply: September 15, 2014!/

  To be eligible for the /MS PHD’S–GEO REU/, applicants

  ·Must be a U.S. citizen or Permanent U.S. resident

  ·Must have completed a recent NSF REU program in one of the following
  disciplines: Earth Sciences, Ocean Sciences, Polar Sciences, or
  Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences. /(Preference will be given to those
  applicants who completed their NSF REU program in 2014.)/

  Modeled after IBP’s highly successful /Minorities Striving and
  Pursuing Higher Degrees of Success (//MS PHD’S/
  <http://www.msphds.org>/)in Earth System Science Professional
  Development Program, /the /MS PHD’S-GEO REU/
  <http://www.msphds.org/POS.aspx>joins the /MS PHD’S/family as a unique
  program designed specifically for underrepresented minority (URM)
  undergraduates who have participated in a recent National Science
  Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF REU) program in
  one of the following disciplines: Earth Sciences, Ocean Sciences,
  Polar Sciences, or Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences.

  Participants in the /MS PHD’S–GEO REU/program will engage in virtual
  and on-site professional development, networking, community building
  and mentoring activities designed to provide URM undergraduates with
  exposure to, interaction with, and increased participation in the STEM
  community. These activities include:

  ·/Mentoring/– by pairing students with mentors and facilitating
  mentor-mentee activities and dialogue

  ·/Professional Development/– by conducting a series of carefully
  designed activities and workshops covering several topics including
  networking, career awareness and preparation, as well as oral and
  written communication

  ·/Science Exposure/– by providing students with exposure to a national
  research conference and by networking students with established
  minority and non-minority researchers in the STEM fields

  ·/Access to Resources/– by connecting students with opportunities such
  as paid internships, scholarships, and fellowships and the resources
  to help them create successful applications

  ·/A Supportive Community of Peers/– by actively engaging students in
  community building activities and by providing platforms for ongoing
  virtual communication among program participants.

  For questions or additional information regarding the /MS PHD’S–GEO
  REU/ <http://www.msphds.org/POS.aspx>/, /please contact pdp at msphds.org.

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