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Subject: Graduate Assistantships in Climate-Water Quality Interactions  at
Washington State University, Vancouver

Graduate Assistantships in Climate-Water Quality Interactions=20
at Washington State University, Vancouver

The Global Change and Watershed Biogeochemistry Laboratory at Washington =
State University=92s=20
Vancouver campus (http://research.vancouver.wsu.edu/gcwblab) seeks a moti=
vated, independent=20
M.S. student to work on synthesizing information about nitrogen dynamics =
in the Columbia River=20
Basin.  The successful candidate will have the opportunity to interact wi=
th members of two=20
exciting, interdisciplinary efforts focused on the science and management=
 of water, nitrogen, and=20
carbon in the Pacific Northwest US.  For more information on these projec=
ts, called Bio Earth and=20
WISDM, respectively, see http://www.cereo.wsu.edu/bioearth/ and=20

Prospective students should have a strong background in the natural scien=
ces, an interest in=20
environmental modeling, and a dedication to research that improves unders=
tanding in support of=20
sustainability.  Experience with GIS, programming, and modeling will be c=
onsidered a plus.=20=20
Funding is available to support the successful applicant, and all teachin=
g and research=20
assistantships include tuition waivers.=20

Admission requirements and application materials for WSU=92s MS degree in=
 Environmental Science=20
are available at: http://environment.wsu.edu/GraduateStudies/.  Intereste=
d parties should send=20
inquiries along with a recent resume to John Harrison (john_harrison at wsu.=
edu) as soon as=20

WSU Vancouver is located in Washington across the Columbia River from Por=
tland, Oregon, and is=20
close to the Cascades, Puget Sound, and the Pacific Ocean, and thus offer=
s great opportunities for=20
research, a variety of neighboring institutions and agencies for collabor=
ation, and an excellent=20
quality of life. Degree programs are offered across all WSU campuses and =
students in Vancouver=20
may participate in Pullman-based activities, including courses. More info=
rmation about graduate=20
study at WSU in Vancouver can be found at http://cas.vancouver.wsu.edu/sc=
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