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Subject: M.S. or Ph.D. Position in the Nevada Mountain Ecohydrology Lab at
The University of Nevada, Reno

M.S. or Ph.D. Position in the Nevada Mountain Ecohydrology Lab at The Uni=
versity of Nevada, Reno
The Nevada Mountain Ecohydrology Lab in the Natural Resources and Environ=
mental Science=20
Department at the University of Nevada, Reno is expecting to hire a quali=
fied M.S. or Ph.D. student to=20
start in Fall of 2015. Research in the lab group focuses on improving pro=
cess-based understanding of=20
snow-dominated watershed hydrology to advance resource management and mod=
el predictions.=20=20
Projects typically integrate field and remote sensing observations with e=
cohydrological models. The=20
specific research project will depend on the student=92s interests and sk=
illset. Ongoing research=20
interests include the linkages between snowpack processes and streamflow,=
 quantifying streamflow=20
generation processes using hydrological tracers and hydrometric measureme=
nts, applying LiDAR and=20
satellite-based remote sensing products to scale-up in situ observations,=
 and improving=20
understanding of snow processes following disturbance and land use change=
. Most projects will focus=20
on the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin Mountains. Students capable of worki=
ng independently with a=20
quantitative background are encouraged to apply. Training in physical hyd=
rology, engineering, remote=20
sensing, or environmental science is appropriate. Computer programming (e=
.g. Matlab, R, Python,=20
etc.) and/or remote sensing and GIS experience is preferred. Students are=
 also expected to be strong=20
written and oral communicators. Ability to install and maintain field equ=
ipment (e.g. programming=20
dataloggers, installing sensors, etc.) is a benefit. Many projects requir=
e the ability to work in remote=20
areas and travel long distances over snow.
The University of Nevada is a Tier 1 research university with an excellen=
t graduate program in=20
hydrologic sciences (http://www.hydro.unr.edu/home/) that leverages resou=
rces at UNR and the=20
Desert Research Institute.  Reno is close to outdoor recreation (biking, =
skiing, climbing, river sports,=20
and more) locally and in the nearby Sierra Nevada. Reno also has ample ci=
ty activities (its the biggest=20
little city for goodness sake!).  Graduate student salaries are competiti=
ve and cost of living is relatively=20
low.  Please contact Dr. Adrian Harpold (aharpold at cabnr.unr.edu) with que=
stions or send a CV and=20
short letter of interest to apply.
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