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Subject: Postdoc position in belowground ecology

Dear All,
Below are details of one of two postdoc positions we currently have=20
available - please pass onto anyone that you think might be interested.=20=


Faculty of Forest Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences=20=

(SLU), Ume=E5, Sweden
SLU invites applications for the following 2 year post-doctoral position=20=

in Belowground Ecology, on the topic of How Plant Biodiversity Loss=20
Affects Soil Fungi and Carbon Storage Along a Large Environmental Gradien=
(Ref. Nr. 2014-3472) at the Department of Forest Ecology and Management a=
the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, at Ume=E5, Sweden. The=20=

position is fully financed, including salary and benefits. The=20
postdoctoral researcher will be expected to start on April 1 2015.
The position involves collaboration with researchers based at the Swedish=
University of Agricultural Sciences at both Ume=E5 (David Wardle) and=20
Uppsala (Bj=F6rn Lindahl and Karina Clemmensen). It will focus on=20
understanding how fungal communities change in response to biodiversity=20=

loss across island ecosystems differing greatly in ecosystem properties,=20=

and how this in turn may impact on soil carbon storage on these islands.=20=

There is the expectation that the researcher will be actively involved in=
the design, fungal community analyses (through molecular sequencing=20
approaches), data analysis, and write-up of this work. This position woul=
be particularly ideal for researchers that have an interest in=20
associations between plant and microbial communities and their impact on=20=

ecosystem functioning.
The required qualification for this position is a PhD in Ecology or=20
Microbial Ecology or a related subject, and preferably completed in the=20=

previous three years. Prior experience with field-based ecology, molecula=
analyses of microbial communities, and/or bioinformatics and analysis of=20=

microbial community data is seen as highly desirable.=20=20=20
Applications for this position should include a curriculum vitae includin=
a full list of publications, a brief description of research interests,=20=

and a list of at least two references familiar with the applicant's=20
qualifications and experience.
Further information is available from Professor David Wardle SLU Ume=E5,=20=

Department of Forest Ecology and Management, e-mail: David.Wardle at slu.se
Applications, marked with Ref No 2014-3472, must arrive at the Registrar=20=

of SLU, P.O. Box 7070, S- 750 07 Uppsala or registrator at slu.se no later=20=

than November 18 2014.

David A. Wardle,
Dept of Forest Ecology and Management,
Faculty of Forestry,
Swedish Univ. of Agricultural Sciences,
S901-83 Ume=E5,
Fax: (46)(90)786-8166
Phone: (46)(90)786-8471
E-mail: david.wardle at svek.slu.se

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