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Air quality modeling colleagues,

Good news to share! The EPA-ORD post-doc program has been reinvigorated and nearly 2 dozen federal post-doc positions are being advertised. Applications will be accepted thru October 31, 2014. Pls share this info with all interested parties (note that US citizenship is required for most positions).

For more info, check out the following link:


A brief synopsis of the three AMAD-related positions is given below.

Multimedia Modeling of Nitrogen
Environmental models are increasingly being called upon to address the flow and transformation of pollutants between media (e.g., soil-air-water) and to connect fate/transport models to health and economic decision support tools. This project seeks to utilize expertise in computer science and environmental modeling to design, develop, and optimize integrated models, such as the coupled WRF-VIC-CMAQ-SWAT modeling system. This post-doc position will especially support research needs identified in EPA/ORD's "Nitrogen Roadmap". (Point of contact: dennis.robin at epa.gov<mailto:dennis.robin at epa.gov>)

Air Quality Modeling to Support 1-hour NAAQS
With adoption of new 1-hour National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for NO2 and SO2 and with tightening of the NAAQS for ozone and PM2.5, advanced air quality modeling tools are needed to support implementation of the NAAQS for the permitting of industrial facilities and to develop State Implementation Plans (SIPs) for urban areas. This post-doc position would assist in the development, evaluation, and application of urban/fine-scale air quality models, which has been expressed as a high-priority need by the Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS). (Point of contact: garcia.val at epa.gov<mailto:garcia.val at epa.gov>)

Modeling Linkages and Feedbacks of CO2 on Local/Regional Air Quality
This project will focus on modeling the feedbacks of CO2 controls of fossil fueled power plants on regional air quality (ozone and fine particulate matter), assessing impacts of CO2 controls on local/regional CO2 concentrations, and modeling the atmosphere-biosphere linkages to assess feedbacks of CO2 on deposition of air pollution to vegetation and transpiration. Effects of ozone damage to stomatal function on CO2 cycling and other surface fluxes will also be considered. Research in this area will broaden the Laboratory's efforts to explore and model issues at the climate-energy nexus. (Point of contact: Pleim.jon at epa.gov<mailto:Pleim.jon at epa.gov>)

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