[ES_JOBS_NET] PostDoc and PhD positions in air pollution exposure assessment and epidemiology, UBC

Christine Wiedinmyer christin at ucar.edu
Wed Nov 12 20:35:07 MST 2014

*Air Pollution PostDoc and PhD Positions Available*

We are seeking outstanding candidates for one Post-Doc and 2 PhD 
positions in air pollution exposure assessment and epidemiology at The 
University of British Columbia (UBC) and Oregon State University (OSU) 
as part of a major global epidemiologic study (PURE-AIR). The study 
includes ~200,000 individuals in ~700 communities in ~20 countries and 
is examining the health impacts of household and outdoor air pollution. 
If you know of any promising candidates, please put them in touch with 
Michael Brauer <mailto:michael.brauer at ubc.ca> or Perry Hystad 
<mailto:Perry.Hystad at oregonstate.edu> as soon as possible.

The *PostDoc *position is specifically focused on coordinating ambient 
air monitoring and on modelling exposure using measurements and 
satellite-based estimates developed by the project team. Ideally, the 
person will be recruited via UBC although there is some flexibility for 
a position at Oregon State if circumstances require it. They should be 
willing to spend up to 2 months in summer/fall 2015 at 1-2 field sites 
in low or middle income countries establishing monitoring sites and 
developing a protocol for future site establishment. Familiarity with 
air monitoring instrumentation, troubleshooting and strong 
organizational skills are necessary. Experience working internationally, 
with large datasets, and with epidemiologic analyses are also desirable.

We are seeking a *PhD student at UBC *to work on household air 
monitoring as part of the same study. This work will involve organizing 
household monitoring in low and middle income rural study communities by 
implementation of previously developed measurement protocol (samplers 
will be shipped to local study coordinators for implementation of the 
protocol – data will be returned to the study center at UBC for 
management and processing), data management and analysis, estimation of 
exposures and application in epidemiologic analyses of chronic diseases 
(e.g. CVD, stroke, lung function, etc.). Strong quantitative skills and 
an interest in the topic are essential.

In addition, we are seeking a *PhD student at OSU *to work on modelling 
traffic-related air pollution for all 700 PURE community sites, 
developing protocols/questionnaires to assess traffic exposure in future 
PURE follow-up activities, and conducting epidemiological analyses of 
traffic-related exposure and chronic diseases (e.g. CVD, stroke, lung 
function, etc.). Strong skills in GIS, statistics, programming, and 
epidemiology are essential.

Michael Brauer

Professor | Faculty of Medicine | School of Population and Public Health

Director | Bridge Program

The University of British Columbia

366A – 2206 East Mall | Vancouver, BC  Canada V6T 1Z3

Phone 604 822 9585 | Fax 604 822 4994

michael.brauer at ubc.ca <mailto:michael.brauer at ubc.ca>

www.spph.ubc.ca <http://www.spph.ubc.ca/>  | www.bridge.ubc.ca 


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