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Erika Marín-Spiotta marinspiotta at wisc.edu
Sat May 31 16:16:43 MDT 2014

Subject: Ph.D. position - Forest management - planning - ecosystem dynamics

Domain of study: Forest Management - Planning - Forest ecosystem dynamics

Description of research: The maintenance of ecological services has become =
a global issue of interest in recent years by the increasing recognition th=
at ecosystems provide benefits vital to the well-being of man. However, man=
y challenges remain for the implementation of their valuation in the manage=
ment of forest ecosystems in Quebec (Canada). This project will develop a b=
etter understanding of the short and long-term consequences of forest pract=
ices on various ecosystem services and that in different ecological and soc=
io-economic contexts.

As part of this project, the student will be responsible of exploring the r=
elationships existing between various indicators of environmental services =
(timber, carbon sequestration, biodiversity and socio-cultural values) taki=
ng into account the different spatiotemporal scales at which these indicato=
rs apply. The student will participate in the development of a model of for=
est planning and its coupling with spatially explicit models of natural dis=
turbances (windthrow, insects, fire).

The student will join a multi-institutional team of researchers in forestry=
 and biology in Quebec (Laval, UQAM, UQAT, UQO, TELUQ, Ministry of Forestry=
, Wildlife and Parks and Chief Forester Office). A scholarship of Can$ 20,0=
00/year will be available for 3 years.

Ph.D. in forest sciences (Qu=E9bec - Laval University)
Note that although the language of instruction at Universit=E9 Laval is Fre=
nch, one's thesis may be written in English.

Profile of potential candidates:
- Hold a M.Sc. in forest science, biology, environmental science, geography=
, or related discipline.
- Have a strong interest in quantitative ecology and modeling. Have some kn=
owledge of geographic information systems would be an asset.

Interested candidates can send a CV, transcript of academics records and an=
 introduction letter to:

Fr=E9d=E9ric Raulier.
Professeur titulaire, Am=E9nagement Forestier
Facult=E9 de foresterie, de g=E9ographie et de g=E9omatique
2405 rue de la Terrasse
Universit=E9 Laval, Qu=E9bec, Canada, G1V 0A6

Pavillon Abitibi-Price, local=A02145B=20
T=E9l=E9phone : (418) 656-2131 ext 6742

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