[ES_JOBS_NET] Program Opportunity at DOE's Terrestrial Ecosystem Science Program

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Sat May 31 16:13:57 MDT 2014

From:    "Stover, Daniel" <Daniel.Stover at SCIENCE.DOE.GOV>
Subject: Program Opportunity at DOE's Terrestrial Ecosystem Science Program

The US Department of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Biological and En=
vironmental Research would like to alert you to a new temporary  staff oppo=
rtunity.  DOE is currently looking for a person to join our Environmental S=
ystems Research team as an IPA detailee (similar to an NSF rotator).  We ar=
e seeking someone to work in our Terrestrial Ecosystem Science program.  Th=
e position would for two years with a possible extension to four years.  Th=
e position does not imply any sort of employment beyond that time.  The can=
didate would not be a federal employee and would remain an employee of thei=
r institution (e.g., university) and "loaned" to DOE for the performance pe=
riod.  The candidate would have a combination of biogeochemistry/ecosystem =
ecology/microbial/eco-hydrology backgrounds.  A Ph.D. is required.  The pos=
ition would be as one of the program manager for the program.  The specific=
 duties of the position include co-writing and co-managing funding opportun=
ity announcements, assist in coordinating activities at the DOE National la=
boratories, as well as developing strategic plans and workshops for our pro=
grams.  The position is based in Germantown, MD (DC metro area) and is limi=
ted to US citizens.  Serious inquires only please.  If you are interested, =
contact Dan Stover (Daniel.stover at science.doe.gov<mailto:Daniel.stover at scie=
nce.doe.gov>) or Mike Kuperberg (Michael.kuperberg at science.doe.gov<mailto:M=
ichael.kuperberg at science.doe.gov>) for further information.
Dan Stover
Daniel B. Stover, PhD
Program Manager, Terrestrial Ecosystem Sciences

Climate and Environmental Sciences Division
Office of Biological and Environmental Research
SC-23.1 / Germantown Building
U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C.  20585
tel. 301-903-0289
fax. 301-903-8519
email:  daniel.stover at science.doe.gov

BER advances world-class biological and environmental research programs and=
 scientific facilities for DOE missions in energy, environment, and basic r=
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