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Fri May 30 12:43:27 MDT 2014

Subject: Graduate Assistantship in Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology

Ruth Yanai is looking for one more graduate student, MS or PhD, to particip=
ate in a large, multi-investigator project on terrestrial nutrient limitati=
on in northern hardwood forests. Field sites are located at Hubbard Brook, =
Jeffers Brook, and Bartlett Experimental Forests in the White Mountains of =
New Hampshire. Since 2011, thirteen stands have been receiving N, P, N&P, a=
nd control treatments in 0.25-ha plots, and six stands also have a Ca plot.=
 We welcome inquiries from prospective students interested in above- or bel=
ow-ground questions related to nutrient cycling and tradeoffs involved in m=
ultiple resource acquisition. More information on the project can be found =
at http://www.esf.edu/melnhe  .

Ideally, students start during the summer to become familiar with the field=
 sites and our research activities. Field experience and the ability to liv=
e in a group setting are essential. A field crew blog from previous years i=
s available at http://shoestringproject.wordpress.com/.  Starting in Januar=
y 2014 is also a possibility.

In addition to projects in New Hampshire, collaborative opportunities exist=
 for students interested in uncertainty analysis through the QUEST Research=
 Coordination Network. QUEST stands for Quantifying Uncertainty in Ecosyste=
m Studies. More information on QUEST efforts are available at http://quanti=

Funding will consist of a combination of research and teaching assistantshi=
ps (ability to TA General Chemistry or GIS would be a plus). Prospective st=
udents may apply to the Department of Forest and Natural Resources Manageme=
nt or the Program in Environmental Science, both at the SUNY College of Env=
ironmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, NY.

Please contact Heather Engelman at forestecology at esf.edu<mailto:forestecolo=
gy at esf.edu>  for access to additional password-protected documents; we appr=
eciate communicating with students as part of the application process.

Ruth D. Yanai, Professor, Forest and Natural Resources Management SUNY Coll=
ege of Environmental Science and Forestry Syracuse, NY 13210 http://www.esf=

phone: 315 470-6955 fax: 315 470-6954
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