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Erika Marín-Spiotta marinspiotta at wisc.edu
Mon May 19 16:00:05 MDT 2014

Postdoctoral fellow in wetland biogeochemistry and microbial ecology at V=
irginia Commonwealth University=20

A postdoctoral position is available in the Department of Biology at Virg=
inia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. PIs Neubauer (wetland=
biogeochemistry), Franklin (microbial ecology), and Brown (molecular biol=
ogy) are looking for a highly motivated postdoc to work on a NSF-funded p=
aimed at understanding the role of microbial community structure on ecosy=
stem function and responses to environmental change. The project will inc=
complementary observational and manipulative experiments to look at wetla=
nd responses to saltwater intrusion, at microbial/molecular scales up to =
ecosystem level. The postdoc will direct a field salinity manipulation ex=
periment and oversee biogeochemical analyses associated with the project.=
 There is=20
flexibility for the postdoc to also initiate other projects that are rela=
ted to the broad goals of the NSF grant. Depending on the postdoc=92s int=
erests, there=20
will be opportunities to learn molecular methods (e.g., metagenomics, met=
atranscriptomics, qPCR). The postdoc will be expected to collect and anal=
field and laboratory data, prepare manuscripts for publication, and share=
 research findings at scientific conferences.

Expertise in some or all of the following areas is desired: Wetland ecolo=
gy, biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, and/or microbial ecology.

Strong candidates will possess the following attributes:
- A strong publication record (papers published, in press, and/or submitt=
- Demonstrated experience and skills with both field and lab work.
- Creativity, independence, and the desire to learn new things.
- Excellent written and oral communication skills.

All candidates must have received a Ph.D. in a relevant field. The positi=
on is available for up to 3 years, with the first year serving as a proba=
tionary period.=20
The position includes a competitive salary and full benefits including he=
alth insurance.

Review of applications will begin on June 15, 2014 and will continue unti=
l the position is filled. The start date is flexible, but we would like s=
omeone to be=20
in the position by the end of summer 2014 or early in the fall. Applicati=
ons should include a brief cover letter, curriculum vitae, a brief descri=
ption of past=20
research accomplishments and future research goals (under two pages), and=
 the names and contact information for three references. All materials sh=
be submitted as a single combined PDF file to Dr. Scott Neubauer (sneubau=
er at vcu.edu) for consideration.

Please contact Dr. Neubauer with questions about the position, the projec=
t, or the application process. If you are interested in the position and =
will be at=20
the Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting in Portland, Oregon (May 18-23), feel =
free to look up Dr. Neubauer, who will be attending the meeting.
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