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Date: Wed, May 14, 2014 at 12:12 PM
Subject: JCET Post-doc position
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Zhibo Zhang is seeking a post-doc to join his research group.  Please feel
free to pass this opportunity announcement on to any of your colleagues.


Research Associate: Satellite-based remote sensing cloud microphysical




*Research Activity: *The Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology (JCET)
in cooperation of the Physics Department of UMBC seeks a Postdoctoral
Research Associate to study the impacts of 3-D radiative transfer effects
and cloud microphysical structures on satellite and airborne remote sensing
of the properties of liquid-phase clouds. Specific objectives will also
involve the assessment of biases and uncertainties in MODIS cloud property
retrievals over mid- and high-latitude regions.

*Qualifications:* The position requires a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences,
Physics or related field. The candidate should have a firm fundamental
knowledge of 1-D spectral (both solar and infrared) radiative transfer in
cloud fields and are familiar with NASA’s A-Train satellite data, including
MODIS, CALIPSO and CloudSat. Experiences with 3-D radiative transfer models
will be an asset. Strong programming skills in FORTRAN and IDL are highly
desirable. This position will be based at UMBC's Physics Department and
selection is contingent upon possessing appropriate visa status to meet
requirements for employment.

For best consideration, submit electronically a cover letter (indicating
the specific position number above), a complete curriculum vitae, home
address, visa status (if applicable) and names and telephone numbers of
three references by June 15th,2014 (application materials for this position
will be accepted until position is filled) to: Danita Eichenlaub, (
eichenla at umbc.edu), <%28applications_GEST_JCET at umbc.edu%29,>
Administrative Director,
JCET, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Suite 320, 5523 Research
Park Drive, Baltimore, MD 21228. UMBC is an Equal Employment/Affirmative
Action employer

Danita E. Eichenlaub

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Administrative Director – JCET, GPHI, GEST

5523 Research Park Drive, Suite 320

Baltimore, MD  21228

410-455-1893 (ph)

410-455-8806 (fax)

eichenla at umbc.edu
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