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Program Specialist II
 Tracking Code 14076 Job Description

*PLEASE NOTE*: This is a full-time replacement term position through
September 30, 2014 with possibility of extension. *THIS POSITION IS LOCATED
IN WASHINGTON, D.C.* Initial consideration will be given to applications
received prior to 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 28, 2014. Thereafter,
applications will be reviewed on an as-needed basis.

UCP - Joint Office for Science Support (JOSS)

Washington, DC

Relocation benefits not provided

UCAR/NCAR will not sponsor a work visa (e.g., H1B, etc.) to fill this


US CLIVAR is a national research program to foster understanding and
prediction of climate variability and change on intraseasonal-to-centennial
timescales, through observations and modeling with emphasis on the role of
the ocean and its interaction with other elements of the Earth system, and
to serve the climate community and society through the coordination and
facilitation of research on outstanding climate questions.  To achieve its
mission, US CLIVAR has established the following goals:

   - Understand the role of the oceans in observed climate variability on
   different time scales.
   - Understand the processes that contribute to climate variability and
   change in the past, present, and future.
   - Better quantify uncertainty in the observations, simulations,
   predictions, and projections of climate variability and change.
   - Improve the development and evaluation of climate simulations and
   - Collaborate with research and operational communities that develop and
   use climate information.


The Project Office is responsible for providing day-to-day operational
scientific and technical support to advance US CLIVAR goals, as guided by
the US CLIVAR Science Steering Committee (SSC) and the Inter-Agency Group
(IAG) of program managers.  Four US federal agencies (National Aeronautics
and Space Administration--NASA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration--NOAA, National Science Foundation--NSF, and US Department of
Energy--DoE) provide funding through multi-year Cooperative Agreements with
the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) to host the
Project Office in Washington DC.

The Program Specialist II will work collaboratively with the US Climate
Variability and Predictability (CLIVAR) Project Office Director to:

   - Assist the US CLIVAR science community in planning and implementing
   coordinated research programs to achieve program goals;
   - Develop and deliver useful communication and outreach materials
   providing timely information on US CLIVAR science advances, programmatic
   directions, and new opportunities to a diverse set of audiences; and
   - Provide organizational support to facilitate interagency dialogue and
   enable work of US CLIVAR science planning and implementation bodies.


Communications Management:

   - Manages production and distribution of US CLIVAR Reports--Compiles,
   edits, formats layout, publishes, and promotes annual Summit and Science
   Team Reports, and other Working Group, workshop, and special US CLIVAR
   - Manages production and distribution of the online US CLIVAR quarterly
   newsletter *Variations*--Solicits contributing science articles from the
   research community; writes program summary articles; compiles input, edits,
   and formats layout for final review; and arranges publication and
   distribution to community.
   - Develops and issues the monthly US CLIVAR electronic
   news-gram--Identifies relevant and timely content including community
   developments, upcoming meetings, and opportunities of interest to the
   research community; edits and formats each edition; ensures timely
   distribution to US CLIVAR elist.
   - Manages content for the US CLIVAR website--generates and posts
   information on the US CLIVAR website, ensuring it is clearly presented and
   regularly updated to engage and inform diverse audiences on scientific
   foci, research advances, program organization, events, and opportunities.
   - Develops and maintains materials for presentations on US CLIVAR
   science and programs for audiences ranging from scientists, funding agency
   officials, other research and assessment programs, the media, and the
   general public.
   - Presents and promotes US CLIVAR goals and activities at national and
   international meetings, as requested.
   - Recommends and implements approved improvements for communication
   vehicles and identifies new avenues for promoting and communicating US
   CLIVAR science, program activities, and opportunities.

Organizational Support of Program Planning and Implementation:

   - Schedules, arranges logistics, takes notes, and disseminates materials
   in support of teleconferences and meetings of the US CLIVAR Interagency
   Group, Scientific Steering Committee, Panels, Science Teams, Working
   Groups, and other organizing bodies.
   - Assists scientific leadership in planning, organizing, publicizing,
   arranging logistics, staffing, and communicating results of US
   CLIVAR-sponsored science meetings, workshops, and conferences.
   - Assists the Director in engaging the US CLIVAR SSC in achieving
   program goals and strategies, evaluating annual progress, and identifying
   and coordinating new research thrusts.
   - Keeps apprised of scientific and programmatic developments nationally
   and internationally to benefit planning, implementation, and communication
   - Engages the US CLIVAR participating agencies to identify and announce
   relevant funding opportunities and to collate an updated inventory of
   CLIVAR-related agency activities and publications.
   - Promotes opportunities for early career scientists and students,
   including participation in US CLIVAR activities.
   - Maintains and updates all US CLIVAR group elists and shared drives.
   - Manages the Project Office hardware and software procurement and


Education and Experience

   - Bachelor's degree in oceanography, meteorology, or earth system
   science; plus
   - two years of work experience related to the job duties of the
   position; or
   - an equivalent combination of education and experience (such as a
   Master's degree and one year of experience).

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

   - Working knowledge of the principles, concepts, and research approaches
   addressing variability and predictability of the climate system.
   - Skill in synthesizing and summarizing scientific and/or technical
   information from multiple sources.
   - Skill in editing documents.
   - Skill in preparing technical and administrative reports, and the
   ability to develop and give scientifically technical presentations.
   - Skill in planning and organizing meetings.
   - Skill in identifying program opportunities and implementation
   - Skill in assessing and meeting constituent needs within the context of
   evolving science and budget priorities.
   - Ability to communicate and interact with a diverse group of
   scientists, federal agency managers, and national/international science
   - Ability to build partnerships and develop a network of contacts and
   - Ability to work under pressure, to meet deadlines, and to effectively
   engage others to do so.
   - Ability to handle confidential/sensitive information in a manner
   consistent with UCAR policy, acting with integrity and exhibiting behavior
   that merits public trust and confidence.
   - Ability and willingness to travel, as needed.

*DESIRED (but not required)*:

   - Experience in physical climate research.
   - Background in climate science directly relevant to the US CLIVAR
   - Interest in the science/user interface.
   - Skill in using software applications, including database management,
   web site and publication design, and Microsoft Office product suite.

 Job Location Washington, District of Columbia, United States Position
Type Full-Time/Regular

Appointment Type
Term Full-Time (T1)

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