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Job Description
**This position requires deployment to Antarctica and has a contract 
length of over one year from approximately October 25th, 2014 through 
November 12th, 2015.**

In accordance with overall technical direction, guidance, and protocols 
provided by grantees, subcontractors, and the National Science 
Foundation, the Research Associate position:
- Maintains, trouble shoots, and repairs a variety of equipment used in 
the long-term monitoring of physical phenomena including UV 
spectroradiometers, GPS receivers, VLF radio receivers, neutron and 
radio-nuclide detectors, seismometers, all sky imagers, lasers, 
riometers, magnetometers, photometers, interferometers, and other 
optical instruments.
- Supports researchers by ensuring timely problem resolution, minimizing 
data collection interruptions, and notifing grantees of outages, issues, 
and maintenance schedules.
- Collects, archives, and transmits data and status reports to project 
- Maintains appropriate project logbooks, and prepares a variety of 
reports. Develops detailed procedures and documentation for performing 
routine system maintenance. Maintains documents and email records. 
Updates standard operating procedures and guidelines.
-Uses digital and analog electronic, electro-optical, and 
electro-mechanical troubleshooting skills to diagnose and repair 
instruments, equipment, hardware failures and PC components.
- Administers, operates, and maintains the computer-based acquisition 
systems needed to control various projects, across multiple platforms.
- Coordinates with other departments on computer configurations and 
networking topology issues such as firewall access, IP addresses, and 
host naming.
- Receives and inventories capital equipment, instruments, materials, 
and supplies. Maintains accurate inventory of spare parts for equipment 
and instruments, and prepares resupply messages. Packages capital 
equipment, instruments, materials, and supplies for recalibration, 
repair, or replacement. Assists with life-cycle management and informs 
researchers/staff on replacement timelines.
- Occasionally conducts briefings on research and tours of facilities 
for distinguished visitors.
- Performs other duties as required.


There are two similar Research Associate positions and the following 
duties cover both.

- Maintains, operates, and repairs cryogenic dewars, associated 
equipment and compressed gas cylinders. Manages LN2 and GN2 supply for 
the station.
-Responsible for all aurora-related experiments and cryogen needs. 
Troubleshoots auroral cameras and associated electronics. Experience 
with CCDs in optical or IR astronomy is also preferred but not required.
- Assisting all science groups and the station in general with 
electrical component troubleshooting.
- Manual labor as needed including excavating buried experiments and 
station maintenance.
- Will be assigned to an Emergency Response Team (ERT). Examples are the 
Fire Brigade and First Aid teams which require specialized training that 
is provided.
- Assists grantees with field work during the summer season. May deploy 
into the deep field for several days. Will require cold weather survival 
training which is provided.
- South Pole Community duties including washing dishes and cleaning 
common areas.

Basic Qualifications
Bachelor's degree or higher in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Physics, or 
other engineering discipline is required.

Experience in laboratory or observatory technical work is required. 
Laboratory or observatory technical work should include operational 
experience utilizing experimental physical, optical, or atmospheric 
science equipment.

Experience in the use of multiple commercial software packages and DOS 
and Windows operating systems is required. Windows XP administration and 
knowledge of Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and XP required. Fluency with 
networking topics and file transfer tools required. Knowledge of 
MS-Excel and Word required. Administrator ability for Macintosh and 
Linux/Unix platforms required. Unix system administration ability 
required for South Pole Station.

General electronic troubleshooting ability required.

Excellent written and verbal communication abilities required. Must be 
organized, able to multi-task, and work without direct supervision.

***Deployment to Antarctica is required for this position. The 
individual in the position must successfully complete the physical and 
dental examinations as required by the NSF for deploying to Antarctica. 
Failure to meet these requirements may result in withdrawal of 
employment offer or other employment action.***

Desired skills
Master's degree or higher in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Physics, or other 
engineering discipline is preferred. A background in an academic 
research environment providing direct support to science projects is 

*Lockheed Martin is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. 
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment 
without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, 
protected veteran status, or disability status.*

Job Location(s):Centennial Colorado
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ESS0997 IS&GS-CIVIL (S8200)
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Experienced Professional
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