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From:    "Hudiburg, Tara Waynant" <Hudiburg at ILLINOIS.EDU>
Subject: PhD position

Ecosystem Modeling AssistantshipDr. Tara Hudiburg is seeking a PhD studen=
t to join her=20
newly formed Ecosystem Modeling lab at the University of Idaho in the Dep=
artment of=20
Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences. The student will assist in ecosyste=
m modeling and field=20
research focused on how disturbance and climate affect carbon, water, and=
 nutrient balance=20
in Idaho forests.&#160;&#160;While specific science questions rem=
ain open, the project will include=20
objectives related to the Idaho NSF-EPSCoR MILES program addressing ecosy=
management options for protecting and maintaining Idaho=A1=A6s landscape =
services.Previous ecosystem modeling experience is not required, however =
applicants should=20
have spatial analysis skills, quantitative skills, be proficient in at le=
ast one programming=20
language, be comfortable with UNIX/LINUX platforms and have some backgrou=
nd in forest=20
ecological processes. Strong writing skills and the ability to communicat=
e effectively are=20
essential.&#160;Graduate research assistant funding is available for =
4 years starting in August 2014=20
or January 2015(stipend ~$21,000 per annum and paid tuition). The univers=
ity is an AA/EEO=20
employer and encourages applications from women and minorities.&#160;=
For more information,=20
contact Tara Hudiburg (hudiburg at illinios.edu). To apply please email Tara=
(hudiburg at illinois.edu) a cover letter describing your research interests=
, goals and relevant=20
experience, a complete CV, college transcripts, GRE scores and contact in=
formation of three=20
references.&#160;&#160;Review of applications will begin immediat=
ely, and the position will remain open=20
until a suitable candidate is found. After the selection, the successful =
candidate will apply to=20
be admitted to the&#160;College of Graduate Studies&#160;of the&a=
mp;#160;University of Idaho; detailed=20
information about the application procedure for national and foreign stud=
ents is available=20
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