[ES_JOBS_NET] Marine Geochemistry tenure-track post at Seoul National University

Christine Wiedinmyer christin at ucar.edu
Tue Jun 3 09:32:09 MDT 2014

    Marine Geochemistry tenure-track post at
    Seoul National University

Seoul National University is expecting an opening for a tenure-track 
faculty position in Marine Geosciences with special emphasis on Marine 
Geochemistry of rocks and sediment. We are accepting applicants for all 
level (assistant/associate/full professor). Within the School of Earth 
and Environmental Sciences, there are 35 faculty members divided among 
three major disciplines (geological sciences, oceanography and 
atmospheric sciences), and this particular post is to fill a recent 
vacancy in oceanography. We hope that the new member will complement the 
two existing faculty members in Marine Geology and Geophysics (one in 
Geophysics and the other in Sedimentology) in teaching oceanography and 
conducting global ocean research.

As part of university's policy on diversity, we welcome highly qualified 
foreign nationals.

For more information, please contact *Prof. Sang-Mook Lee* 
(smlee at snu.ac.kr <mailto:smlee at snu.ac.kr>) by *September 30, 2014*

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