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David Thul dthul at egi.utah.edu
Thu Jul 31 17:06:04 MDT 2014

Dear Colleagues;

The Petroleum Systems & Geochemistry Research Group at EGI-University of Utah<http://www.egi.utah.edu> is looking to fill an opening for a organic/petroleum geochemist.  This position is part of a growing team focused on “big science” questions in the petroleum industry.  A small sample of current research interests are:

-Evaluating petroleum potential of deep ocean basins & the 4-D evolution of the bio-geosphere that has lead to source rock preservation
-Defining the geochemical prerequisites for successful unconventional petroleum systems
-Calculating total resource in tight oil systems
-Understanding organic matter's effect on the mechanics of fluid retention, migration, and production in tight oil, and hydraulically stimulated petroleum systems
-Quantifying the contribution of desorbed hydrocarbons to production in produced reservoirs

The candidate will be working collaboratively on a suite in international initiatives (currently South America, Central Eurasia and China with future projects in Australia and India).  In addition to work on EGI global projects, the candidate will work with the petroleum geochemistry team to initiate new projects and create unique research in a geochemical/petroleum system area of the candidates choice.

The candidate should have experience with laboratory methods (GC, GC-MS, GC-IRMS) as well as an interest in “Big Data”.

As a research group we value:
-Sound Science
-Clear Communication
-Innovative thinking

We welcome candidates with non-petroleum related backgrounds (e.g. climate change, ecology, etc.)

For candidates with a Master’s Degree this position will be hired at the research associate/assistant level (depending on experience).  For candidates with a Ph.D., this position could be structured as a post-doctoral term contract or a research associate/staff scientist position depending on the candidates experience.

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a resume or cv and cover letter to me directly and may contact me via phone or email with any questions.  In the cover letter please address the following questions in 5 sentences each:

-In your view what are the big unknowns in petroleum geoscience?
-What are your 5 year science & career goals?

Warm Regards,
David J. Thul | Manager of Petroleum Systems & Geochemistry
EGI | University of Utah

M | 720-232-5798

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