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Research Hydrologist


This position is in the National Research Program (NRP) of the Water 
Mission Area,

United States Geological Survey (USGS) Menlo Park, California. The 
Research Group

is responsible for conducting basic and applied research in the broad 
area of water-gas-
rock interactions over a wide range of salinity, temperature and 
pressure conditions and

in a variety of natural and contaminated systems, especially in 
sedimentary basins. The

successful candidate will be a member of this Research Group (at the 
GS-12 level) or

will lead the Research Group (at the GS-13 level). The candidate will 
conduct research

in the hydrogeochemistry of hydrocarbon energy resource systems 
including geologic

carbon dioxide sequestration, conventional and unconventional fossil 
fuel resources,

and the environmental impacts of use and development. The candidate must 

knowledge and expertise in the analysis of organic (e.g., BTEX, PAHs,) 
and inorganic

compounds and their isotopes in subsurface waters using sophisticated 

can plan and conduct complex field operations and laboratory experiments 
to probe the

environmental consequences of energy development, and can communicate 

with colleagues, with resource managers, and with non-technical 
audiences. The research

is expected to improve understanding of: 1- The geochemical and 
biological processes

associated with CO2 storage in geologic formations and how these 
processes impact

reservoir injectivity and capacity, mineral solubility, leakage of brine 
and CO2 through

cap rocks, faults and abandoned wells, and the potential for 
contamination of the Nation’s

groundwater resources; and 2- the relation between conventional and 

energy development and surface and groundwater availability and quality. 
At the GS-

13 level, a strong history of giving presentations at major national 
meetings, publishing

research articles in top-tier journals, and interacting with colleagues 
from associated

fields is expected from any candidate.

The job will be posted on www.usajobs.gov <http://www.usajobs.gov> under 
the Job Announcement Number listed

beginning the Open Period below:

Job Title: Research Hydrologist; GS-1315-12/13

Agency: US Geological Survey

Job Announcement Number: ATL-2014-0772

SALARY RANGE: $82,275.00 to $127,187.00 / Per Year

OPEN PERIOD: Monday, July 21, 2014 to Friday, August 1, 2014

SERIES & GRADE: GS-1315-12/13



DUTY LOCATIONS: 1 vacancy in the following location:

WHO MAY APPLY: United States Citizens



Menlo Park, CA, US

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