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From:    "Henebry, Geoffrey" <Geoffrey.Henebry at SDSTATE.EDU>
Subject: post-doctoral fellow in Geospatial Change Analysis


We are seeking a highly motivated and capable PDF to pursue cutting-edge in=
terdisciplinary research in the field of geospatial sciences within the con=
text of the newly funded NASA project:=20
"Change in our MIDST: Detection and Analysis of Land Surface Dynamics in No=
rth and South America Using Multiple Sensor Datastreams."
We propose to answer the cross-cutting question: "Where in the western hemi=
sphere is the vegetated land surface changing significantly during the past=
 15 years in response to direct human impacts?=20

We formulate our question as a suite of testable hypotheses about changes i=
n the vegetated land surface, as follows:=20
[H1] Areas of significant positive change occur in areas of moderate human =
impact, due predominantly to agricultural land uses;=20
[H2] Areas of significant negative change that occur in areas with low huma=
n impact, arise predominantly from forest pests and forest fires; and=20
[H3] Areas of significant negative changes that occur in areas with high hu=
man impact, appear predominantly associated with the expansion of human set=
tlements, particularly cities.=20

We will build and implement a system to detect significant changes in land =
surface properties using time series of key NASA remote sensing data produc=
ts from sensors aboard Terra and/or Aqua, supplemented by products from NAS=
A's Global Land Data Assimilation System and the Tropical Rainfall Measurin=
g Mission. We will calculate trends since 2001 for metrics of the vegetated=
 land surface using multiple sensor datastreams. An important aspect of the=
 system is trend analysis on two or more scales, e.g., 500m and 0.05 degree=

We will highlight areas manifesting highly significant changes in land surf=
ace properties in North, Central, and South Americas to assess changes sinc=
e 2001, with particular interest focused on [1] the rapidly transforming ce=
rrado region of Brazil and [2] the hemisphere's largest conurbations. We wi=
ll analyze for the drivers and consequences of change through a combination=
 of regularized generalized canonical correlation analysis, recursive parti=
tioning, and probabilistic mixture modeling of land surface phenologies.=20

Applicants should have earned Ph.D. in ecology, geography, environmental sc=
ience, or a closely related discipline along with a strong conceptual backg=
round in landscape ecology, land change science, ecological remote sensing,=
 or other appropriate field.=20
A background in statistical analysis, geographic information systems, exper=
ience with remote sensing, computer programming skills (C, C++, Java, etc.)=
 and knowledge of ENVI/IDL and the R environment are all highly desirable.=

Project research team includes Geoff Henebry and Xiaoyang Zhang at South Da=
kota State University (SDSU) and Kirsten de Beurs at the University of Okla=
Position is based at the Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence (GSCE), a=
 dynamic internationally recognized research center at SDSU located in Broo=
kings, SD.=20
South Dakota was recently ranked the state with the 5th highest quality of =
life in the US.=20

The GSCE is a friendly research environment that has excellent research inf=
rastructure and computing support. Visit http://globalmonitoring.sdstate.ed=

To apply for this position, send an email to geoffrey.henebry at sdstate.edu w=
ith the subject line "MIDST post-doc app" and the following information app=
ended as PDFs: curriculum vitae, statement of research interests, and copie=
s of publications, contact information for three references.=20

Applications will be reviewed as they are received. South Dakota State Univ=
ersity is committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity and the divers=
ity of its faculty, staff and students. Women and minorities are encouraged=
 to apply. Non-US citizens may apply.

Geoffrey M. Henebry, Ph.D., C.S.E.
Professor of Natural Resource Management=20
Co-Director & Senior Research Scientist=20
Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence (GSCE)=20
South Dakota State University=20
1021 Medary Ave., Wecota Hall 506B=20
Brookings, SD 57007-3510, USA
voice: 1-605-688-5351 (-5227 FAX)
email: Geoffrey.Henebry at sdstate.edu
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