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Subject: PhD Assistantship in Wetlands Ecology

PhD Opportunity in Wetlands Ecology.

The Wetlands Laboratory in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs=
Indiana University, Bloomington is seeking a highly motivated PhD student=
to evaluate the responses of coastal wetlands to climate change and human=
activity on the Georgia Coast. Our current projects are focused on=20
understanding the effects of rising sea level, salt water intrusion,=20
eutrophication, and restoration on tidal wetland ecology, biogeochemistry=
and the delivery of key ecosystem services. More information on our=20
laboratory and our current projects is available at=20
http://www.indiana.edu/~craftlab/.  Research sites are located in/around=20=

Sapelo Island in coordination with the Georgia Coastal Ecosystems Long=20=

Term Ecological Research program (http://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/) and=20=

various federal and state resource management agencies.=20

The qualified applicant will have a MS in wetlands ecology or similar=20
discipline (e.g. ecology, soil science, environmental science).=20=20
Experience in plant ecology, soil processes and wetland biogeochemistry,=20=

including greenhouse gas (N2O, CH4, CO2) fluxes, is required.  Experience=
with GIS, landscape modeling and economic valuation of wetland resources=20=

is desirable.  Excellent writing and speaking skills are needed for this=20=

position. The applicant should have a working knowledge of laboratory=20
protocol and bench-top chemistry and be willing and able to do physically=
demanding field work in a wetland environment.=20

The successful candidate will be enrolled in the Environmental Science=20=

program in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs=20
(http://www.indiana.edu/~spea/) at Indiana University (January 1 2015).=20=

The position is available for up to four years.  Please contact=20
Christopher Craft (ccraft at indiana.edu) for more information.  Please=20
attach a CV with the email.
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