[ES_JOBS_NET] Postdoctoral Researcher in Wetland Hydrology and Biogeochemistry

David Ho ho at hawaii.edu
Wed Jan 29 19:01:58 MST 2014

Postdoctoral Researcher in Wetland Hydrology and Biogeochemistry

The Department of Oceanography at the University of Hawaii invites 
applications for a full-time Postdoctoral Researcher in Wetland Hydrology 
and Biogeochemistry for a 1-year appointment, with the possibility of 
renewal based on performance and funding. The successful candidate must 
have a Ph.D. and a strong background in Hydrology and Biogeochemistry, and 
interact well in group settings, including lab and field environments. The 
candidate should be able to conduct measurements in the field under 
occasionally harsh environmental conditions.

A system of canals and levees compartmentalizes the Everglades ecosystem 
and disrupts the natural flow of water. Specific research responsibilities 
will include conducting SF6 tracer release experiments in the marsh of the 
Florida Everglades to examine the effect of intentional levee degradation 
on water flow at multi-kilometer scale to collect data that can be used to 
adaptively manage ongoing ecosystem restoration efforts. The preferred 
candidate will also have experience working at the intersection between 
hydrology and biogeochemistry to address questions related to carbon 
cycling in the mangrove environment of the coastal Everglades.

The successful applicant will join a research group focused on studying 
transport and mixing in natural waters, and carbon cycling in coastal 
environments. In addition to a background in Hydrology and 
Biogeochemistry, experience in methodologies used in tracer release 
experiments and carbon cycle research is preferred (in particular, 
familiarity with gas chromatography, NDIR analyzers, measurements of pH, 
alkalinity, and DIC, and knowledge of MATLAB and LabVIEW). It is expected 
that the candidate will actively participate in the publication of results 
from experiments in the Everglades.

For questions about the position, or to apply for the position, please 
email Prof. David Ho at david.ho at hawaii.edu. Applicants should submit a 
personal statement describing research experience and interests, a 
curriculum vitae, relevant peer-reviewed publications, and names and 
contact information of three referees. Evaluation will begin March 1, 2014.

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