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Scientist, level TBD

Job Description

    *PLEASE NOTE*: This is a new, full-time position (possibly a term
    appointment*). Initial consideration will be given to applications
    received prior to Friday, January 10, 2014. Thereafter, applications
    will be reviewed on an as-needed basis.

    NCAR - Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL)

    Partial relocation costs paid per UCAR's relocation policy

    UCAR/NCAR willnotsponsor a work visa (e.g., H1B, etc.) to fill this

    The Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL) is recruiting candidates for a
    full-time scientist position, with the rank and title of the
    position to be determined by the qualifications of the successful

    *See NCAR's Scientific and Research Engineering Appointments Criteria:

    and NCAR's Scientific and Research Engineering Appointments

    and contact UCAR Human Resources (303-497-8717) if you have questions.


    Provides scientific leadership for in-situ sounding activities,
    including the investigation and development of new sounding sensors
    and capabilities. Fosters a culture of scientific excellence within
    EOL and support the scientific community (particularly the
    university community) through research, instrument development,
    quality control of data from EOL-supported field programs, community
    service, and education and outreach activities. Conducts original
    and collaborative research that is aligned with and supports the
    strategic visions of EOL and NCAR, particularly in areas that
    leverage in-situ-sounding data sets, such as climate change
    processes, the water cycle, or UTLS dynamics/chemistry. Participates
    in NCAR research projects of a scale commensurate with that expected
    of a national center and that address issues of national and
    international importance.


    Scientific and/or Technical Research: Conduct independent and
    collaborative research that primarily leverages in-situ sounding
    data, such as in the areas of climate change processes, the water
    cycle, or UTLS dynamics/chemistry. Present results at national and
    international meetings and publish results in peer-reviewed
    journals. Perform community service and leadership activities such
    as manuscript and proposal reviews and membership on steering and
    other committees and panels, both within and outside EOL and NCAR.
    Develop proposals for funding from other agencies to participate in
    scientific activities that contribute to the more complete or prompt
    achievement of EOL and NCAR organizational goals.

    Development: Advocate, lead, and engage in future instrument
    developments and improvements. Provide scientific vision and
    leadership for the investigation of new in-situ sounding sensors and
    capabilities. Lead and collaborate on the development and deployment
    of new or improved sounding capabilities, as well as the development
    of new data quality-control processes for both current and improved

    Community Interaction and Field Project Support: Advise the
    atmospheric science community in the best use of sounding systems
    and data. Support field deployment of these systems to ensure that
    project objectives are met. Lead quality control and management of
    sounding data from those projects. Develop new techniques and
    algorithms for improved and new data sounding products.

    Broader Roles in the Vitality of the Laboratory: Provide scientific
    input for use in setting EOL and NCAR priorities and goals.
    Supervise and/or mentor interns and/or junior scientists and
    engineers. Contribute to NCAR Education and Outreach, both through
    individual and organized efforts.


    Education and Experience:

      * Ph.D. or equivalent in physical science or engineering.
      * Two to six years' experience in in-situ atmospheric profiling
        systems and related research.
      * Experience in designing and conducting field-observation
      * Experience with in-situ instrumentation techniques and operations.

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

      * Demonstrated expertise and experience with radiosonde/dropsonde
        sensors and data quality assurance.
      * Advanced knowledge of atmospheric science in areas related to
        in-situ sounding of the atmosphere, such as climate change
        processes, the water cycle, or UTLS dynamics/chemistry.
      * Demonstrated knowledge and experience in scientific analysis of
      * Scientific leadership skills in developing and coordinating
        scientific research teams
      * Ability to write scientific papers as evidenced by manuscripts
        published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
      * Ability to present research results effectively as evidenced by
        oral presentations and invited talks within NCAR, at national
        and international meetings, and at research institutions.
      * Ability to work well with multidisciplinary teams.
      * Ability to establish and maintain professional relationships
        both within and outside their immediate organization.

Job Location
    Boulder, Colorado, United States
Position Type

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