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Dear ES_Jobs subscribers, 

First, thank you all for making the Earth Science Jobs Network so successful! We now have over 3300 subscribers around the world, and we post about 50 jobs per month in the geosciences and related fields. The ES_Jobs_Network is a spin-off from the Earth Science Women's Network (ESWN), and you may be interested in a few additional resources available and in development from ESWN… 

	* The ESWN website (www.eswnonline.org) has many free public resources, open to all. Especially relevant to this audience, we have growing archive of links, articles, and advice for job-seekers at http://eswnonline.org/online/eswn-resource-center/jobsearch/ 

	* If you are attending the AGU meeting next December in San Francisco, please keep an eye out for the free ESWN workshops for men and women. In 2013, we hosted "Navigating the National Science Foundation System," "Getting on the Tenure Track and Succeeding" and "Getting out in the Field as a Skill." Feel free to email me with reqests for 2014 topics, and I will share with the ESWN Leadership Board. 

	* As ESWN grows, so too - we hope -  will ES_Jobs_Net! We are now setting ESWN up as a non-profit organization to continue helping early career scientists, both men and women, with online and in-person networking opportunities and resources. You can help! Check out our fundraising site, "Like" our campaign, tweet about it (#ESWN) and consider donating …whether $1, $10, $100… you are helping a good cause! 
		----> 	https://www.crowdtilt.com/campaigns/help-eswn-become-a-nonprofit-5a0182ca/description

	* If you hear about a job, please forward it on to the list! The power of ES_Jobs_Net is having so many subscribers with knowledge of exciting positions. To post a job, just email it to es_jobs_net at acd.ucar.edu (and please spread the word! Anyone can post a job, even if not a subscriber)

	* Many thanks to the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), which hosts ES_Jobs_Net under the oversight of Dr. Christine Weidinmyer (thank you, NCAR! Thanks, Christine!)

	* If you missed some email, check out the ES_Job_Net Archive http://mailman.ucar.edu/pipermail/es_jobs_net/

	* Finally, If you are a woman studying or working in earth science fields, we invite you to join ESWN! Just go to http://eswnonline.org/login/  Joining is totally free, and it is a great way to connect with peers in your own town or around the world. And, if you know women who might be served by ESWN, please share this free resource. Our members range from graduate students to senior scientists, with an emphasis on early-career and career-development issues.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions, ideas, suggestions, or anything else. Good luck with the job hunt! 

All the best, 

(member of the ESWN Leadership Board; http://eswnonline.org/welcome/leadership/) 

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