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Ph.D. Assistantships in Physical and Chemical Limnology

Funding is available to support two Ph.D. students at Washington State Un=
iversity (Vancouver).=20
These students will participate in a collaborative, multi-year, National =
Science Foundation-funded=20
effort to understand interactions between physical mixing of water and ch=
emical processing of=20
nitrogen in reservoirs and lakes. One student, working in the Environment=
al Hydrodynamics Lab=20
(http://research.vancouver.wsu.edu/stephen- henderson) will focus primari=
ly on internal waves=20
and turbulent mixing, while the other student, working in the Global Chan=
ge and Watershed=20
Biogeochemistry Lab (http://research.vancouver.wsu.edu/gcwblab), will foc=
us primarily on=20
biogeochemical dynamics. If interested in either position, please contact=
 Dr. Steve Henderson=20
(steve_henderson at vancouver.wsu.edu) or Dr. John Harrison (john_harrison at w=

Required background: math, physics/engineering, or environmental sciences=
 (for hydrodynamics=20
position), or chemistry/environmental science (for biogeochemistry positi=
on). Admission=20
requirements and application materials for the Ph.D. in Environmental Sci=
ence at WSU Vancouver=20
are available at http://cas.vancouver.wsu.edu/environmental-science. Ph.D=
. degrees in Geology=20
are also an option, see WSU School of the Environment homepage:=20

Students will be supported by teaching and research assistantships, tuiti=
on waivers, and subsidized=20
health insurance. Washington State University Vancouver is a vibrant, rap=
idly growing institution=20
located within the greater Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area, near the=
 Columbia River, Cascade=20
Mountains and Pacific Ocean, and offers an exceptional quality of life.
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