[ES_JOBS_NET] Open position for environmental scientist/engineer with water resources focus

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Fri Feb 7 15:25:03 MST 2014

The U.S. Geological Survey's Virginia Water Science Center in Richmond,
Virginia has a position available for a strongly quantitative candidate
with skills in water-quality data organization and analysis, scientific
programming, and statistics.  This candidate would join a team of
water-quality data analysts and project managers to help address a wide
variety of questions related to the flux of nutrients and sediment at
multiple spatial and temporal scales.  We expect that the ideal candidate
would hold a Master's degree in environmental science or engineering with a
focus in water resources; however we would consider exceptional candidates
from other fields, and at other degree levels.  Near-term tasks would
include data organization and programming (in R), supporting the
application of statistical models for estimating nutrient and sediment
fluxes entering the Chesapeake Bay from its watershed. A fully successful
incumbent would see evolving challenges and responsibilities that could
include co-authoring and developing applied research projects complementing
our group's current strengths in the areas of flux and trend modeling,
urban hydrology, small watershed hydrology, time-series analysis, and
analysis of high-frequency water-quality data.  Interested candidates
should e-mail their resume to Jeff Chanat (jchanat at usgs.gov) for


Jeff Chanat

Jeffrey G. Chanat, Ph.D.
Office: 804-261-2618
Cell: 804-461-0803
Fax: 804-261-2657
Email: jchanat at usgs.gov

U.S. Geological Survey
Virginia Water Science Center
1730 East Parham Road
Richmond, VA 23228

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