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Subject: Job: Research Assistant - Hydrology & Wetlands

Research Assistant position in hydrology and wetlands at the Houston=20
Advanced Research Center



Bachelors degree in Environmental Science, Hydrology or related disciplin=
Associates degree with a minimum of 5 plus years experience or equivalent=
with demonstrated working knowledge of discipline principles.=20=20
=95 Demonstrated skills in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access
=95 Proficiency with statistical software, data analysis, and analyzing=20=

temporal and spatial trends
=95 Exercises strict confidentiality of all communications, verbal and=20=

=95 Capability of performing work with no instructions on routine work,=20=

general instructions on new assignments.
=95 Background or interest in environmental issues
=95 Strong research skills (computer and library)
=95 Acute attention to detail
=95 Strong written and oral communication skills

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include, but are not limited to the=
following.  Other duties may be assigned.
Major Duties:
=95 Acquires, quality assures, and analyzes data and information to prepa=
information products and written reports for submission to funding entiti=
publication in technical journals, presentations, and for use in further=20=

research activities.
=95 Reviews and fact-checks manuscripts; compiles, reads, summarizes, and=
organizes written materials into bibliographic form; writes reports,=20
summaries or protocols.=20=20
=95 Conducts research utilizing sources of information to collect, record=
analyze, and evaluate facts; identifies potential sources of data.
=95 Analyzes large sets of data for temporal and spatial trends; prepares=
charts or tables that synthesize the large sets of data into useful succi=
=95 Maintains project websites using content management systems, collabor=
with HARC webmaster to ensure timely submission of information for HARC=20=

website and social media applications.
Proposal Development
=95 May assist principal investigators in the development of research=20
Project Management
=95 Assists project teams with the timely completion of project deliverab=
Internal Responsibilities
=95 Collaborates with other HARC researchers on multidisciplinary project=
=95 Communicates project findings in oral and written form for HARC outre=
=95 Initiates and promotes teamwork, shared learning and integrated appro=
to sustainability.
=95 Uses professional knowledge and skills to contribute to the achieveme=
nt of=20
HARC's mission.
=95 Participates in HARC internal meetings as assigned; may serve on HARC=
committees or working groups as assigned.=20
External Responsibilities
=95 Makes contributions to discipline through the creation of peer review=
publications, technical reports, public outreach documents, web content, =
external presentations.=20
=95 Initiates and promotes external collaboration and integrated approach=
es to=20
Continuing Education
=95 Maintains broad knowledge of state-of-the-art principles, theories an=
practices in discipline.

SUBMIT A RESUME at http://mitchell.harc.edu/about/jobs/Job?jobID=3D131

Erin Kinney
ekinney at HARCresearch.org=20
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