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FOR IMMEDIATE HIRE: Bennett Aerospace (www.BennettAerospace.com
<http://www.bennettaerospace.com/>) is seeking a highly motivated *Senior
Scientist*. The successful candidates will directly support the US Army
Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC),
Environmental Laboratory (EL), Environmental Processes Branch (EP-P)
Genetic, Genomic, and Microbiology teams, located in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

The successful candidates will be responsible for satisfying the Army and
DoD requirements by containing specific tasks which include a
multi-disciplinary approach to basic and applied environmental research to
study the effects of environmental contaminants for civil works, military
projects, and environmental decision analysis.

Specifically, the Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology (EGSB) team is
seeking individuals that can contribute immediately to a diverse suite of
funded research in systems, synthetic and conservation biology, and
demonstrate potential for continued expansion of the team’s capabilities
and research portfolio.  The EGSB team is currently executing research in
systems toxicology, biological networks (genetic, molecular and
bio-inspired), synthetic biology, predictive toxicology, ecotoxicology,
molecular / genomic / computational tools development for rapid hazard
assessment, development of next-generation life cycle analysis, and
framework / technical development of adverse outcome pathways.  The primary
drivers for this research program are to provide innovative solutions for
protecting the warfighter, sustaining the Army mission and preserving
environmental quality. Career opportunities are available for qualified
candidates that can enhance the funded research and development efforts
noted above while demonstrating promise for developing innovative new
research proposals using expertise including (but not limited to):
modeling biological networks, predictive modeling of chemical or stressor
effects (toxicity) on animal systems, next-generation sequence assembly and
annotation, in-depth analysis of genome re-sequencing and/or RNA-seq data,
biomarker discovery for chemical exposures, computational modeling of
biological systems, connecting molecular biology assays with individual,
population and ecosystem-level effects, bio-inspired algorithm development
and engineering bio-synthetic pathways.

In general, the Scientist will plan and direct one or more Research
Assistants and/or Technicians in the performance of the research in the
laboratories at the ERDC. Scientists may also conduct work in the field and
in the laboratory depending on US Army requirements at any given time.

*Primary Responsibilities include the planning, directing and/or
participation in: *
Field Data Collection (Biological, Chemical, Physical)
1) Develop, implement, and conduct field data collection.
2) Collect, preserve, record, store/transport samples and data.
3) Analyze samples and field data and prepare reports in connection with
the above.

*Laboratory Research*
1) Plan, conduct and provide expertise for a variety of research with soil,
sediment, plants, and animals including microbiological, toxicological,
chemical, remediation and genomic studies and techniques.
2) Operate and maintain research laboratories and analytical facilities and
3) Operate and maintain instrumentation.
4) Plan, conduct, and provide expertise for computational and
bioinformatics efforts using DNA/RNA sequence data processing, gene
expression analysis, biological network analysis, and statistical analysis
of systems biological data.
5) Plan, conduct and provide expertise for sample preparation for RNA/DNA
extraction, qPCR, microarray analysis, and other genomic related work.
6) Perform statistical analyses on experimental data.
7) Compile electronic databases and prepare literature reviews.

*Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: *
• Must be able to meet deadlines on projects;
• Must have good English communication and analytical skills;
• Must be willing to work on-site at the US Army ERDC in Vicksburg,
Mississippi for the duration of employment;
• Ability to travel and be mobile to conduct field work in harsh
environments and hazardous terrain.

*Desired Expertise, Experience, and Skills: *
• Capable of programming using multiple languages such as (Bio)Perl,
(Bio)Java, C++ and (Bio)Python;
• Familiar with existing open-source and commercial bioinformatics software
(e.g., BLAST, Galaxy, MatLab, Blast2Go, GeneSpring and IPA), statistical
tools (S, R, SAS and SPSS), and bioinformatic databases (Entrez, EMBL and
• Experience in applying existing tools or developing new tools to solve
novel biological problems.
• Demonstrated laboratory research experience or work on clinical studies
to include data collection and analyses
• Demonstrate experience in fluid and electrolyte pharmacology/physiology;
• Demonstrate research experience in complex biomedical studies

*Minimum Education/Training Requirements: *
• PhD in Bioinformatics or Computational sciences with a focus on
biological systems
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