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Mon Dec 22 12:05:38 MST 2014

A  Ph.D. position is available to study temporal patterns in hydrology and
biogeochemistry of streams in the Department of Biology & Wildlife at the
University of Alaska Fairbanks. The student would contribute to a
collaborative project to uncover hydrologic drivers of ecosystem production,
nutrient dynamics, and food chain length. The student would also undertake
analysis of existing datasets to investigate influences of long- and
short-term patterns in climate on watershed biogeochemistry. 

The University of Alaska Fairbanks encompasses a concentration of
researchers addressing the effects of climate change at high latitudes.
There are opportunities for students to conduct research with the Bonanza
Creek Long-Term Ecological research program, focused on the boreal forest of
Interior Alaska, and at the Toolik Field Station, located in arctic tundra. 

Interested candidates should contact Dr. Tamara Harms (tkharms at alaska.edu)
with a brief summary of research interests and experience with ecosystem
ecology, including field work. Applications to the graduate program at UAF
are due 1/15/15, and application information is available from the Dept. of
Biology & Wildlife (http://www.bw.uaf.edu/). Applicants who have earned an
M.S. in a related field are preferred, particularly those with demonstrated
experience with statistical tools and field experience in stream ecology.

Tamara Harms
Assistant Professor
Institute of Arctic Biology
University of Alaska
902 N Koyukuk Ave
PO Box 757000
Fairbanks, AK 99775
ph: 907-474-6117
tamara.harms at alaska.edu

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