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Fri Aug 29 10:22:23 MDT 2014

From:    "Billings, Sharon A" <sharonb at KU.EDU>
Subject: Ph.D. positions at the University of Kansas

Dear Colleagues,

The Billings lab at the University of Kansas is seeking two Ph.D. students =
interested in pursuing biogeochemical questions in terrestrial ecosystem ec=
ology.  We seek 1) a student interested in exploring how historic land use =
change and climate interact to drive soil carbon and nitrogen fluxes in for=
ests in the southeastern U.S., at the new Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory=
 (http://criticalzone.org/calhoun/) and 2) a student to investigate the inf=
luence of native and manipulated temperature regime on soil CO2 and N2O flu=
xes along a boreal forest latitudinal transect in eastern Canada (http://pu=
a/collections/collection_2014/rncan-nrcan/Fo104-2-2013-eng.pdf (you must cl=
ick the 'Continue to PDF' link for the relevant information)).

Both positions require the implementation of controlled laboratory studies =
as well as field experiments.  For details, please contact me, after visiti=
ng the lab web page below.  Instructions are there for how best to express =
interest in my lab.

Best wishes,

Sharon Billings

Dr. Sharon Billings
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Kansas Biological Survey
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66047
785-864-1560, sharon.billings at ku.edu<mailto:sharon.billings at ku.edu>
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