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Subject: Job: Laboratory and field technician, Ecosystem
ecology/biogeochemistry, Columbia University

The Menge lab (http://www.columbia.edu/~dm2972/) at Columbia University i=
seeking a full time lab and field technician.  Research projects focus on=
nitrogen cycling, nitrogen fixation, and the role of nitrogen in ecosyste=
carbon cycling and climate change.  Primary duties will include maintaini=
and running basic biogeochemical lab equipment (balances, grinders, gas=20=

analyzers); maintaining and running greenhouse experiments (preparing=20
greenhouse equipment and potting media, germinating and transferring plan=
fertilizing and watering plants, and monitoring environmental settings an=
conditions); assisting with field work (applying fertilizer, collecting=20=

plant and soil and gas samples) in local (Black Rock Forest) and potentia=
more distant (Hawaii, Oregon, Costa Rica) field sites; and assisting with=
general laboratory maintenance.

This is a 12-month appointment with benefits, and with the possibility of=
extension.  Preferred start date is ASAP.  A bachelor=92s degree in Ecolo=
Biology, Geology, Earth Science, Chemistry or a related field is required=
and previous experience in an ecosystem science and/or biogeochemistry la=
is preferred.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please visit Jobs at=
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