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From:    Andrea Thorpe <athorpe at NEONINC.ORG>
Subject: Job opening: Microbial Ecologist at NEON

The Microbial Ecologist develops, tests, and evaluates documents, algorithm=
s, and initial data associated with the Soil Microbial sampling design. Pri=
mary responsibilities include refining field and lab protocols, writing doc=
uments that describe data processing algorithms, generating datasets suitab=
le for testing data processing algorithm functionality, supporting the deve=
lopment of analytical contracts, and resolving sampling issues encountered =
by Field Operations staff. The Microbial Ecologist will also participate in=
 data analysis associated with commissioning the observatory.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
* Work with NEON scientists to develop and document algorithms and methods =
to ingest, process, and publish genetic data for public data access.
* Assist with the data management between outsourced analytical facilities =
and NEON Cyberinfrastructure.
* Assist with the development of training material and field manuals for so=
il sampling and laboratory processing.
* Assist with the identification of and interface with external facilities =
for microbial analyses.
* Develop data products and quality check data from field crews and externa=
l labs.
* In coordination with other team members and the Assistant Director for Te=
rrestrial Ecology, contribute to other team deliverables.
* Coordinate information sharing with relevant external and or internal com=
munities via informal (e.g. email) and formal (e.g. presentations) communic=
* Work with collaborating laboratories and NEON scientists to facilitate pu=
blication of results, and collaborate with other NEON scientists to prepare=
 reports and develop recommendations for best practices, future analyses an=
d data processing.
* Follow NEON and site specific, environmental protection requirements, pol=
icy and procedures.
Required Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills:
* PhD in ecology, evolution, or related field.
* Five (5) years research experience (may include PhD research) in microbio=
logy, with a preference for experience in soil microbial ecology.
* Experience analyzing high-throughput (454, Illumina, or SOLiD) data.
* Demonstrated ability and experience with scientific writing and review.
* Proficiency with data analysis.
* Effective communication and interpersonal skills in order to communicate =
with and develop relationships with internal staff and external entities (e=
.g., outsourced facilities, science community).
* The candidate may be exposed to conditions in the field, and therefore mu=
st be able and willing to traverse uneven ground such as dirt banks, stream=
 beds, and steep slopes carrying, moving, and lifting equipment and materia=
ls up to 40 lbs.
Preferred Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills:
* Experience with Quantitative Insights into Microbial Ecology (QIIME) free=
* Experience with MG-RAST or similar metagenomics databases.
* Proficiency with relational databases (PostreSQL, Access).
Must have permanent authorization for US employment.

- See more at: http://neoninc.org/jobs/StaffScientistMicrobialEcologist
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