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Salary:$4,204.00 - $8,136.00

Job Description:


The Emission Inventory Analysis Section (EIAS) is responsible for 
developing statewide emission estimates of greenhouse gases (GHG) from 
all sectors of the economy and conducting routine and special analyses 
related to GHGs. Projects in this section include developing a 
comprehensive statewide greenhouse gas emissions inventory, tracking 
statewide greenhouse gas emission reductions based on ARB adopted 
control measures, analyzing emission trends and scenario forecasts, and 
maintaining the database of greenhouse gas emission inventory. We are 
looking for an individual with strong technical and analytical skills 
related to the use of geographical information and remote sensing data 
to support ARB's greenhouse gas emission inventory programs. The 
position's primary duties are related to quantification of emissions 
from processes occurring on natural and human lands by employing 
geographical information and remote sensing data, including: Conduct 
geospatial analyses of GHG emissions from natural, agricultural, and 
human lands at "landscape scale." Apply the latest science, data, and 
emerging spatial analytical tools to the compilation of annual GHG 
inventory. Work with other emission inventory specialists to spatially 
analyze carbon stock changes from different land types. Assess the GHG 
emissions impacts of land use changes and project future GHG emissions 
based on emission reduction and planning scenarios. Review the 
development of GHG estimation methods. Work with other inventory 
specialists to develop regional emission estimates based on the 
statewide GHG inventory for both biological and anthropogenic emission 
sources. This position works as part of an interdisciplinary team, and 
it will include working with other state and federal agencies and 
stakeholder groups.


The most competitive candidates should be highly motivated, 
self-starting, and enthusiastic and should possess the ability to 
interact effectively with people at all levels of management, government 
and industry. They should have strong written and verbal communication 
skills, the ability to handle sensitive and confidential assignments 
with tact and diplomacy, the ability to handle rapidly changing 
priorities, and the ability to work under pressure and time constraints. 
Desirable qualifications include: experience with Geographical 
Information System, emissions estimation methods and models, and working 
with remote sensing and satellite imagery data, understanding of climate 
change and GHG emission inventory process, and strong spatial analysis 
skills. The incumbent should have a strong scientific or engineering 
background, preferably in biogeochemistry, ecosystem science, landscape 
ecology, land or soil science, earth science, engineering, or similar 
disciplines. The ability to analyze data, develop solutions and present 
information effectively both orally and in writing is essential. 
Occasional travel may be required. Only the most qualified individuals 
will be interviewed.


Qualified Air Resources Engineer candidates are encouraged to apply.

Applications will be accepted from individuals who have transfer or list 
eligibility. Applications will be screened and only the most qualified 
candidates will be interviewed. This vacancy may be subject to 
SROA/Surplus provisions. Surplus applicants must attach a copy of their 
surplus letter with a completed standard State application (STD. 678). 
On page one of your State application you must clearly indicate the 
basis of your eligibility: list appointment, transfer, SROA, surplus, 
re-employment, or reinstatement.

If interested, please submit a completed standard State Application (STD 
678) to the attention of Mary Heckman at the address below, indicating 
Position #673-726-3887-XXX. Include a copy of your degrees or 
transcripts, references, and a cover letter explaining why you are 
interested in this position.

Additional Information:

Working Title 	Position Number
Air Pollution Specialist 	673 - 726 - 3887 - XXX
*Will also consider hiring a(n)*
AIR RESOURCES ENGINEER $4,608.00 - $8,630.00
Location 	County
Sacramento 	SACRAMENTO
Timebase 	Tenure
Full Time 	Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: 	Department Link:
09/03/2014 	http://www.arb.ca.gov <http://www.arb.ca.gov/>
Contact Unit/Address 	/Contact Name/Phone/
1001 I Street, 7th Floor
Sacramento, 95814 	Mary Heckman
mheckman at arb.ca.gov <mailto:mheckman at arb.ca.gov>

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