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*From:* Hempel, Jon - NRCS, Lincoln, NE
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*Subject:* RE: USDA-NRCS Supervisory Soil Scientist Position at the
National Soil Survey Center

Hi Everyone,

A the Supervisory Soil Scientist position - National Leader for Soil Survey
Research and Laboratory - located at the NSSC in Lincoln, NE has been
posted to USA Jobs. The position is only open for 5 days (April 7 - April
11). Please share this announcement with any qualified and interested
potential candidates.

Questions about the position can be addressed to Jon Hempel, Director, NSSC
(jon.hempel at lin.usda.gov) or to Michael Robotham, Acting Director, NSSC (
michael.robotham at lin.usda.gov; 402-437-4098) since Jon is on TDY this week.

The direct link to the position announcement is:

Jon Hempel


USDA-NRCS National Soil Survey Center

100 Centennial Mall

Lincoln, NE 68508




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