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Please help me spread the word about the attached two positions (PhD and
Postdoc). While different projects, both are focused on the microbial and
chemical processes regulating root and rhizosphere carbon and nitrogen
cycling.  ****

Thanks much for your help! ****

  Ph.D. Position in Soil Microbial Ecology/Biogeochemistry

I have a Ph.D. position available in soil microbial ecology and
biogeochemistry at the University of New Hampshire. The person in this
position will be analyzing plant-microbe interactions that regulate soil
organic C and N transformations. In a process referred to as ‘priming',
plants can stimulate N transformations by providing soil microbes with a
labile carbon source, which can enhance microbial activity and induce
microbial turnover, the upregulation of extracellular enzymes to break down
soil organic matter, and ultimately N mineralization. Agricultural N losses
could be reduced if we understood how plants coordinate the mineralization
of N from organic pools through priming to coincide with the timing and
extent of plant demand for N. The student will examine biological N
mineralization processes driven by interactions among plant roots,
arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), and soil microbes, and assess how these
processes can be managed to maximize crop N nutrition and C sequestration
while minimizing environmental N losses.

Interested students must be highly motivated and have some experience in a
relevant discipline (e.g. a BS, MS or job training in ecology,
microbiology, soil fertility, isotope biogeochemistry or a related area)
and a strong interest in genomic approaches to examining soil communities
and function. The position will start between January 01 and May 01 2014.

To apply please email your CV with the names of three references, GPA, GRE
scores (including percentile), and a short statement of interest (~1 page)
to Stuart Grandy (stuart.grandy at unh.edu). More information about the lab
can be found at (http://pubpages.unh.edu/~asf44/). Applications will be
considered until October 15, 2013 or until the position is filled.

** **

  Postdoc in Soil Ecology/Biogeochemistry

I have a position open for a postdoc in soil biogeochemistry at the
University of New Hampshire to study root-derived carbon dynamics. The
individual in this position will be using isotopic approaches to examine
the fate of root carbon in biofuel cropping systems and be tied into a
broad network of scientists involved with the Great Lakes Bioenergy
Research Center. Along with using isotopes to track the fate of labeled
roots through different soil organic matter pools, there are opportunities
in this position to learn advanced methods in soil organic matter chemical
analysis, examine arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities and the fate of
rhizodeposits, and identify the microbial community processes that
transform and stabilize root C. Candidates are expected to be highly
motivated, possess strong oral and written communication skills, and have
demonstrated ability to publish quality papers. Strong preference will be
given to candidates with experience in relevant areas, which could include:
1) isotopic approaches to studying soil carbon dynamics; 2) soil organic
matter chemical characterization; and 3) microbial carbon cycling.

To apply please send your CV with the names of three references and a short
statement of interest (~1 page) to Stuart Grandy (stuart.grandy at unh.edu).
More information about the lab can be found at (
http://pubpages.unh.edu/~asf44/). The start date is flexible and could be
anytime between now and early 2014. Applications will be considered until
October 15, 2013 or until the position is filled.

  Stuart Grandy****

Assistant Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry****

Rowland H. O'Neil Professor****

University of New Hampshire****

Website: http://pubpages.unh.edu/~asf44/ ****

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