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The Department of Forestry at Mississippi State University is seeking a
Research Associate for the Forest Hydrology and Soils Laboratory.

Position Function: The successful candidate will be a member of the
professional staff of the Department of Forestry. The primary
responsibilities of the successful candidate will be maintaining laboratory
equipment and instrumentation, training users on lab equipment and
instrumentation, and analyzing soil, water, sediment, or plant tissue
samples under the direction of a Department of Forestry faculty member.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Supervise and coordinate the Forest Soils and Hydrology lab in an
organized manner including cost accounting, tracking inventory, and
purchasing laboratory supplies as needed.
2. Operate laboratory equipment under strict quality control/quality
assurance standards. Current equipment includes a Perkin Elmer Optima
3200-DV ICP-OES, Dionex DX-500 ion chromatograph, Dionex DX-500 high
performance liquid chromatograph, Costech 4010 CHNS dry combustion
analyzer, Technicon Autoanalyzer III wet chemistry analyzer, and MARSXpress
high pressure microwave digesting system.
3. Analyze soils, water, sediments, or tissue samples using standard
4. Train graduate students and other users of the facilities to operate
laboratory equipment and perform standard analyses on soils, water,
sediment, or plant tissue samples.
5. Maintain instruments and train students to maintain instruments.
6. Maintain research databases.
7. Maintain inventory of archived soil, water, and sediment.
8. Assist in occasional field work.
9. Help prepare research reports and assist in writing scientific papers.
10. Contribute to the mission of the Department of Forestry as a member of
the professional staff.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor's degree and experience with analytical
laboratory equipment; Ability to supervise and maintain analytical
facilities; Experience with data collection, analysis, and management; Ability
to supervise student workers; Ability to train graduate students and
student workers on proper use of laboratory equipment; The level of
appointment and/or rank and salary will be commensurate with the
individual's qualifications, background and experience.
*Applicants interested in part time employment will be considered.

Preferred Qualifications: Master's degree in Forestry, Soils, Geoscience,
or related discipline. Knowledge of laboratory and field techniques in
forest hydrology, forest soils, and geochemistry. Experience writing
scientific papers and research proposals

Applications must be completed online at www.jobs.msstate.edu.

For more information on the position:
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