[ES_JOBS_NET] vacancies at ICIMOD for exciting research in the Himalaya

Arnico K. Panday apanday at icimod.org
Wed Nov 13 08:46:10 MST 2013

Dear colleagues.

I am pleased to announce two new positions at the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), headquartered in Kathmandu Nepal.  We are looking for people with doctoral degrees in atmospheric science, environmental engineering, chemical engineering or related fields, preferably with extensive work experience.

ICIMOD is an eight country intergovernmental organization dedicated to research, knowledge dissemination, and policy advocacy to help improve the lives of people in the mountain areas of the Hindukush Himalaya region.   ICIMOD's recently established Atmosphere Initiative (part of the Regional Programme on Cryosphere and Atmosphere) aims to improve scientific understanding of atmospheric issues in the region by building up in-house observations and modeling, and by coordinating regional networking and collaboration.   The Atmosphere Initiative also aims to work with practitioners and policy makers to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, short-lived climate pollutants and other air pollutants, as well as to build capacity in the region by hosting short courses and setting up a new degree program in atmospheric science.

We are conducting a simultaneous search for two positions to complement our existing team.  In particular we are looking for the two new hires to bring expertise in:

*         Aerosol measurements using in-situ and ground-based remote sensing and optical instruments.

*         Analysis of satellite observations of atmospheric composition.

*         Building emissions inventories.

*         Running offline and coupled chemistry transport models, focusing particularly on analyzing scenarios of emission reductions.

*         Teaching, mentoring and developing university level curricula in atmospheric science.
We have artificially divided the two positions into:

1.       An aerosol scientist with expertise in aerosol measurements and analysis of remote sensing atmospheric data, with strong teaching and curriculum development experience, as well as some exposure to modeling, emission inventory development, and emissions sources.

2.       An air quality specialist with expertise in using atmospheric chemistry transport models to analyze emission reduction scenarios, with an understanding of the engineering aspects of emissions reduction, as well as with strong teaching and curriculum development experience.
Applicants with a different combination of the above listed skills are strongly encouraged to apply.  We plan to select the two finalists at the same time.
The position is based at ICIMOD Headquarters in Kathmandu, Nepal, with frequent opportunities to travel in the region as well as to international conferences and meetings.  ICIMOD Headquarters employs 200+ people from ~20 countries.  It has diplomatic status in Nepal, so the position is tax-free for expatriate staff.  ICIMOD provides excellent salary and benefits, including retirement plans, health insurance, moving expenses, paid vacation time, as well as family and schooling allowances.   Expat staff and their families receive annual round-trip tickets back to their home countries, a housing allowance in Nepal, and tax-free status.
The application deadline is 1 December 2013.  Applications must be submitted through ICIMOD's online application system at http://www.icimod.org/vacancies  .

Please feel free to email me at apanday at icimod.org<mailto:apanday at icimod.org> if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Arnico K. Panday

Arnico K. Panday (Sc.D.)

Senior Atmospheric Scientist
Programme Coordinator, Atmosphere Initiative
International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)
Kathmandu, Nepal
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Sciences
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA
Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

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