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We have two years of funding to support a postdoctoral fellow to model the
chemical evolution of marine chemistry through geologic time. The successful
candidate will both use and further develop existing 3-D ocean models such
the ROMS (Regional Ocean Modelling System) or MITgcm, with the inclusion of
the relevant microbial cycles as revealed from the geologic record.

We anticipate the further development of this platform into an interactive
model coupling the evolution of ocean chemistry with the evolution of
atmosphere composition. This position is placed at the Nordic Center for
Earth Evolution (NordCEE) [1] and is in association with the Danish
Institute for Advanced Study (DIAS) [2] under the project From the beginning
of time to life supported by the VKR Foundation.

The selected candidate will have demonstrated exceptional scientific
qualities, including proficiency in modelling, and as part of DIAS, the
candidate should be willing to communicate their research at public lectures
and to take active part in DIAS’s highly interdisciplinary outreach events.

For further information please contact Professor Don
Canfield, dec at biology.sdu.dk [3].

The successful applicant will be employed in accordance with the agreement
between the Ministry of Finance and AC (the Danish Confederation of
Professional Associations).

The application must include the following:
- A curriculum vitae including information on previous employment and
teaching experience.
- A full list of publications stating the scientific publications on which
the applicant wishes to rely.

To qualify you must have passed a PhD or equivalent. Applications will be
assessed by an expert assessor/committee. Applicants will be informed of
their assessment by the university.

The University encourages all interested persons to apply, regardless of
gender, religious affiliation, or ethnic background.

Applications must be submitted electronically using the link below. Attached
files must be in Adobe PDF or Word format. Each box can only contain a
file of max. 10 Mb. Please read "How to apply" before you apply.

Application deadline17/05/2013

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