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The Ocean Chemistry Division of the Atlantic Oceanographic and
Meteorological Laboratory, Miami Fl  (AOML/OCD) is advertising with
the intent to hire an Oceanographer at the ZP-III level.  This is a
federal position for a candidate capable of serving as a Principal
Investigator with a primary focus on coral reef and ocean
acidification science and the ability to grow these activities in the
future, including building on existing AOML/OCD science, starting new
lines of inquiry, and securing and sustaining resources to support
such scientific efforts.    The official advertisement, along with
instructions for applying, can be found here:


Please note that due to current NOAA hiring rules, AOML is only
permitted to advertise this position for a total of 10 working days.
All completed applications for this position must be submitted
following the instructions at the web posting above and must be
received no later than 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday March 11, 2013, to be

Local contact: Chris Kelble, head search committee, chris.kelble at noaa.gov

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