[ES_JOBS_NET] Position open for Ph.D. student at the University of Cincinnati

Erika Marín-Spiotta marinspiotta at wisc.edu
Fri Dec 27 12:21:57 MST 2013

The Department of Geology at the University of Cincinnati is seeking
outstanding applicants for a study of carbon cycling and methane emissions
in Lake Erie.  Lake Erie is seasonally hypoxic and also has extensive
natural gas drilling and infrastructure, both of which may be a source of
methane to the lake and the atmosphere.  The project requires a combination
of field and laboratory work, including stable isotope analysis of methane
in the isotope biogeochemistry lab at the University of Cincinnati.  This
project, funded by NOAA's Ohio Sea Grant program, will consist of several
field campaigns per year aboard the Canadian Coast Guard Vessel *Limnos* and
will require federal and state criminal background checks.

 The Department of Geology has a flexible graduate curriculum and offers a
diverse portfolio of research and teaching opportunities for graduate
students.  The application deadline for admission in September 2014 is
January 15, 2014.

 With any questions, please contact Dr. Townsend-Small at
amy.townsend-small at uc.edu.
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