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Good afternoon,

The new Deep Time Global Change group at the University of Exeter (Camborne School of Mines) has four NERC PhD studentship opportunities, in a range of paleoclimate and paleoenvironmental topics spanning the Jurassic to the Pliocene.

Each project will employ a variety of geochemical, sedimentological and paleontological techniques, to address questions related to climate change and carbon-cycle perturbations in the deep past. Each comes with full NERC studentship funding, are tenable for 3.5 years, commencing in September 2014.

"Global change during the Jurassic; exploiting the UK borehole archive."

"Investigating climate change and carbon-cycling in the Late Cretaceous–Early Paleogene; new geochemical records from the South Atlantic and Spain."

"Determining the origin of wetter than modern climate conditions during the warm Pliocene"

"Trends in North Atlantic Ocean sea surface temperature and their origin(s) during the late Pliocene intensification of northern hemisphere glaciation"

Deadline for all applications is 10th January 2014.

All NERC eligible students with suitable backgrounds in geology/physical geography/geochemistry/climate change etc are encouraged to apply. Contact Kate Littler (k.littler at exeter.ac.uk), Stephen Hesselbo (S.P.Hesselbo at exeter.ac.uk) or Ian Bailey (I.Bailey at exeter.ac.uk) for further information.

More information about the GW4+ DTP can be found at: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/gw4plusdtp/

Best wishes,

Kate Littler

Dr. Kate Littler
Lecturer in Geology
Camborne School of Mines
University of Exeter
Penryn Campus
TR10 9EZ
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