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Visiting Fellowship Post-doctoral research opportunity – Environment Canada

Environment Canada (NHRC-AIRB) seeks an innovative and highly motivated
individual to conduct scientific research as part of Phase II of the Lake
Winnipeg Basin Study beginning in April 2014.  The successful candidate
will be expected to conduct independent field and lab-oriented research
involving a broad spectrum of stable isotope approaches to tracing nutrient
inputs to Lake Winnipeg. The focus of the research will be on the use of
stable isotope-based assays and models to evaluate sources of organic and
inorganic nutrients primarily in tributaries of Lake Winnipeg. This program
will be conducted at the National Hydrology Research Center Stable Isotope
Laboratory in Saskatoon.

The Environment Canada Stable Isotope Laboratory in Saskatoon has a strong
record of cutting-edge environmental research dealing with the tracing of
water-borne nutrients in aquatic systems. The laboratory houses a number of
dedicated mass spectrometers and involves a number of associated laboratory
facilities to address a broad range of environmental research. The
laboratory is situated within NHRC which is also co-located with the Global
Institute for Water Security. The facility is also on the University of
Saskatchewan campus and several research scientists hold adjunct positions
in various university departments.

The planned research follows on from Phase I of the Lake Winnipeg Study and
addresses causes and consequences of eutrophication. Phase II follows on
from a firm isotopic foundation that categorized baseline isotopic (δ13C,
δ15N, δ34S, δ2H, δ18O) patterns in the Lake from inorganic sources through
fish. Phase II will now focus primarily on expanding the water component of
this work to the larger drainage basin but will also include within-Lake
components. The work will involve the coordination of field sampling and
laboratory analyses through scientific publication.

Applicants must hold a PhD, preferably in geochemistry or the biological
sciences. A solid background in ecology and proven experience with stable
isotope (SI) ratio mass spectrometers and other SI data analyses will be
considered strong assets.

Salary: $44,748CAD per annum. Funding for the postdoctoral position is
secured for three years. This position will be part of a Visiting
Fellowship in Canadian Government Laboratories as administered through
Candidates will be expected to make formal applications through this
program after consulting with Dr. Geoff Koehler.

Deadline for receipt of applications: January 15, 2014. Start date is

Interested individuals should send a letter of interest, names of three
references, and a full CV to:

Dr. Geoff Koehler,
Stable Isotope Laboratory
National Hydrology Research Center
Email: Geoff.Koheler at ec.gc.ca
Tel: 306-975-5778
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