[ES_JOBS_NET] postdoc opportunity in paleoclimate modelling

maisa rojas maisa at dgf.uchile.cl
Wed Dec 11 10:21:25 MST 2013

Hello, please announce:

Call for a postdoctoral fellowship in Paleo Climate Modelling

The recently granted Millennium Nucleus in “Paleoclimate of the
Southern Hemisphere” invites applications for a two-year postdoctoral
fellowship in paleoclimate modelling. The main goal of PAST is to
understand the evolution of the coupled atmosphere, ocean and
biosphere over broadly the last 25,000 years over the Southern
Hemisphere. More specifically our study areas include western
Patagonia and the adjacent Ocean.

The successful candidate will have a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences,
Climate Modelling or related field. Good programming skills, and
experience in paleo climate modeling are highly desirable. Showing
willingness and ability to conduct independent research while being a
team player is also expected.  You will join an active research group
that addresses the study of paleoclimate combining empirical and
modelling approaches, with opportunities of fieldwork in Patagonia. We
are an interdisciplinary research team with expertise in the
disciplines of atmospheric sciences, empirical and physical
paleo-oceanography, paleo-ecology and glacial geology.

Salary is assigned according to CONICYT standards, equivalent to ca.
37 kUSD per year, which corresponds roughly to 2.5 times the Chilean
per capita average income.

Interested applicants should send their CV and a brief research
proposal (up to 2 pages) to Dr. Maisa Rojas (maisa at dgf.uchile.cl) by
January 15 2014. The decision will be communicated in late January
2014. The selected candidate is expected to start as soon as possible
and no later than July 2014. For more information don’t hesitate to
contact me.


PD: I am at the AGU at the moment if you what to contact me in person!

Dr. Maisa Rojas Corradi
Profesora Asistente
Departamento de Geofisica
Universidad de Chile
Blanco Encalada 2002, 4to piso
Tel: 56-2-978 43 12
Fax: 56-2-696 87 90

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