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Kristen Shake kshake at clarku.edu
Fri Dec 6 10:32:22 MST 2013

On behalf of the Polar Research Laboratory at Clark University, headed  
by Dr. Karen Frey, I'd like to submit a PhD Assistantship posting to  
your website. Below is the text of the listing. Thank you for your  

Regards, Kristen Shake

> Ph.D. Research Assistantship in Sea Ice-Ocean Biology/ 
> Biogeochemistry Interactions
> The Graduate School of Geography at Clark University invites  
> applications for a Ph.D. research assistantship in satellite remote  
> sensing of sea ice and ocean biology/biogeochemistry in the Pacific  
> Arctic region.  This NASA-funded project seeks to further our  
> understanding of sea ice-ocean biology/biogeochemistry interactions  
> in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas, with a particular focus on how  
> enhanced light transmittance through a melting sea ice cover will  
> impact ocean primary productivity and photodegradation of dissolved  
> organic matter.  Candidates should have strong interests in  
> satellite remote sensing, quantitative analysis, laboratory work,  
> and remote fieldwork.  The successful candidate will join the Polar  
> Science Research Laboratory at Clark (http://wordpress.clarku.edu/kfrey/ 
> ) and will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with  
> colleagues from CRREL, University of Washington, and NASA Goddard.   
> For further information, please contact Prof. Karen Frey (kfrey at clarku.edu 
> ) and see application details at http://www.clarku.edu/departments/geography/graduate/apply.cfm 
>  (deadline December 31, 2013).  Clark University is an Affirmative  
> Action, Equal Opportunity Employer.  Minorities and women are  
> strongly encouraged to apply.

Kristen L. Shake
PhD Student
Geography Department
Clark University
950 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01610
kshake at clarku.edu

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