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Subject: USGS Mendenhall Postdoc opportunity in fluvial carbon

Dear colleagues -

Our research group at the USGS in Boulder, CO is announcing a postdoctoral
opportunity titled “Biogeochemical Cycling and Transport of Carbon in
Fluvial Aquatic Ecosystems” through the USGS Mendenhall Postdoc program.
  This is a two year appointment with the U.S. Geological Survey through
the Mendenhall Research Fellowship program.  Starting date
is between January 2014 and June 30, 2014, located in Boulder, CO.  The
focus of this research opportunity is organic and inorganic carbon cycling
and transport in fluvial aquatic ecosystems.  The primary objectives are
to: 1) identify and quantify drivers of riverine carbon fluxes; and, 2)
present an integrated assessment of major C inputs and losses in one or
more stream or river ecosystems.  Within these broad objectives, the
postdoctoral researcher will have wide latitude to pose specific research
questions, define approaches, and adapt or develop new methodologies.

Candidates for this position are expected to have completed their Ph.D. no
earlier than September 2008, and to present a detailed research
proposal (maximum 8 pages) by the September 20, 2013.  The U.S. Federal
Government gives strong preference to U.S. citizens.  We strongly encourage
candidates to review material at the USGS Mendenhall Program website (
www.geology.usgs.gov/postdoc/), under Research Opportunity 14-6 and to
contact the research advisors prior to submitting a proposal. Kimberly
Wickland, kpwick at usgs.gov.; Edward Stets, estets at usgs.gov.; Robert Striegl,
rstriegl at usgs.gov.; George Aiken, graiken at usgs.gov.

Please distribute!


Edward G. Stets
Research Ecologist
U.S. Geological Survey
3215 Marine Street, Ste. E-127
Boulder, CO 80303
estets at usgs.gov
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