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American Bird Conservancy Job Notices and Conservation Updates
International Conservation Program Officer

American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is looking for a high-energy individual who is able to work effectively in partnership to develop and direct bird conservation programs in Latin America and the Caribbean.  This International Conservation Program Office will focus his/her work on one or more of the following regions: Brazil, Mexico, Central America and/or the Caribbean.

The International Conservation Program Officer develops and coordinates a portion of ABC's international field conservation projects focused on threatened species, priority neotropical migrants, and Alliance for Zero Extinction sites across Latin America and the Caribbean.  The International Conservation Program Officer works with a network of ABC in-country partners to carry out ambitious, effective and integrated conservation projects. The position requires excellent conservation and project management experience, organizational and writing skills, and a broad knowledge of ABC's mission, objectives, and programs.

For more details see http://www.abcbirds.org/aboutabc/vacancies/position_international_conservation_officer.html. The position will be based in the Greater Washington, DC/Northern Virginia area. Please send a cover letter and resume by email to  hr at abcbirds.org<mailto:hr at abcbirds.org>
Wind Campaign Coordinator
American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is looking for a high-energy individual who is able to work effectively in partnership to address the impacts of wind development on birds. ABC supports wind power when it is bird-smart, and believes that birds and wind power can co-exist. Bird-smart wind power employs careful siting, operation and construction mitigation, bird monitoring, and compensation, to reduce and redress any unavoidable bird mortality and habitat loss.

The Wind Campaign Coordinator will develop and coordinate ABC's bird-smart wind campaign to minimize the impact to birds caused by the development of wind power. The Coordinator will work closely with other ABC program staff and with supervision from Vice President for Conservation Advocacy. The work will focus on establishing mandatory regulations to protect birds at wind farms; addressing the most poorly sited wind projects; and engaging with conservation plans and regulatory processes to protect endangered species, eagles, and other birds. The position requires excellent communication and project management experience, organizational and writing skills, and a broad knowledge of ABC's mission, objectives, and programs.

See http://www.abcbirds.org/aboutabc/vacancies/position_wind_coordinator.html for complete list of duties and requirements. Please send a cover letter and resume to: hr at abcbirds.org<mailto:hr at abcbirds.org> by August 22, 2013.

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Special sessions at the 5th International Partners in Flight Conference - nine in total -- have something for everyone, including:  A Western Hemisphere Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for All Birds; Understanding and Overcoming the Social Challenges of Bird Conservation; and Migration Stopover and Bottlenecks for Long-distance Migrants within the Western Hemisphere. Click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001mCoKQshdfXGuAODErECpi-8fRNCFFnEfZ0LrGwgu2W4rZxnqixMcAOBfx6rHLvV23HX8Upm3wJOO0LeJ3ZOh4k8G3wiNXr7ZkKtWIJH84ziSQXZfDAcpNcLRkyFo6PZZx144bKMP1BJ9eH4Tt0OeUFFxDYtq6cs7> for the full schedule of special sessions.


Cornell and ABC Opinion Editorial in Support of Conservation Programs in the Farm Bill
The Washington Post - Bad for the birds, bad for all of us

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Hello Valued Conservation Partner:

Last month the House Interior, Environment and Related Agencies Subcommittee eliminated funding for the following popular and highly successful grant programs for next fiscal year:

*       State & Tribal Wildlife Grants Program

*       North American Wetland Conservation Fund

*       Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Fund

*       Forest Legacy Program

*       Land and Water Conservation Fund
These programs have conserved some of our nation's rarest and most cherished fish and wildlife, restored vital wetlands and protected priority forests, grasslands, coasts  and other important habitats.  Complete elimination of funding for these popular programs is unprecedented!

We need your help to convince appropriators in the US House and US Senate how important these programs are to fish and wildlife and request that funding be restored for the next fiscal year which is set to begin on October 1st.

Below and attached is a national sign-on letter supporting these vital programs.  Please consider adding your organization's name to this letter so we can demonstrate that these programs have broad support amongst birders, hikers, hunters, anglers, paddlers, conservation educators and others who use and enjoy the outdoors.

To sign on to this letter, send an email with your organization's name and state to twwintern at fishwildlife.org<mailto:twwintern at fishwildlife.org> by Friday August 30th.   Zeroing out these programs would have serious consequences for fish and wildlife conservation.  Help be a voice for fish and wildlife and the natural areas that they need to exist.

[Date inserted Here]
The Honorable Jack Reed, Chairman

The Honorable Lisa Murkowski, Ranking Member

Senate Interior & Environment Appropriations Subcommittee

Senate Interior & Environment Appropriations Subcommittee

728 Hart Senate Office Building

709 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington DC 20510

Washington DC 20510

The Honorable Mike Simpson, Chairman

The Honorable Jim Moran, Ranking Member

House Interior & Environment Appropriations Subcommittee

House Interior & Environment Appropriations Subcommittee

2312 Rayburn House Office Building

2252 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington DC  20515

Washington DC  20515

Dear Senators Reed and Murkowski & Congressmen Simpson & Moran:
On behalf of the millions of outdoor recreationists our organizations represent, we wish to express our support for the State & Tribal Wildlife Grants Program, North American Wetland Conservation Fund, Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Fund, Forest Legacy Program and Land and Water Conservation Fund. We are concerned that the House Interior, Environment and Related Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee proposed to eliminate funding for these successful and important fish and wildlife conservation programs next fiscal year. Elimination of funding will have significant impacts to collaborative on-the-ground conservation in communities nationwide resulting in more federal endangered species listings, fewer restored wetlands, further imperiled migratory birds, less protection for forests and other key habitats and diminished outdoor recreation opportunities.
We appreciate the need to reduce the size of the federal deficit and the difficult choices that you face. However, these programs are priorities and we believe they have done their fair share to help balance the budget after being cut by more than 25% in the last several years. Continued disproportionate cuts in the current budget under consideration will further rollback conservation work that serves the national interests of fish and wildlife conservation, creation of non-exportable jobs and delivery of essential services such as clean water and air and storm protection to current and future generations
Investments in natural resources conservation and outdoor recreation total less than 1% of all discretionary spending, a percentage that has been declining for decades. Grant programs represent an even smaller percentage of this total but are unique in that they leverage hundreds of millions in state, local and private dollars.  According to the US Census Bureau, 90 million US residents participate in fish and wildlife recreation, spending over $150 billion annually. Federal grant programs help ensure these consumers have sustainable fish and wildlife populations to view, hunt and fish.
We strongly encourage you to work in a bipartisan manner to find solutions to the budget problem that do not further harm successful and publicly supported conservation grant programs that help fuel the outdoor recreation economic engine.  Thank you for your time & consideration.
[Your Organization's Name Here]

Mark Humpert, Wildlife Diversity Director
Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies

Anne Law, Deputy Director of Conservation Advocacy
American Bird Conservancy

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