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Please see the below message from Jim Hurrell:
Dear Colleagues,

  Please see below the link to the draft report on NSF/GEO Priorities and
Frontiers 2015-2020, and note the request for comments. I certainly
encourage you to send comments as individuals, if you wish.

  However, I would also like to offer the opportunity to send your
overarching comments and impressions to me by 5 September. I will be
working to produce a document that presents an overarching NCAR perspective
on the draft GEO vision, as this is a great opportunity for us to provide
some constructive and useful comments to NSF/GEO.

  All the best,


For the past several months, the NSF GEO Advisory Committee has been
working with GEO staff on an update to its 2009 report, GEO Vision.   This
draft report, Dynamic Earth: GEO Priorities and Frontiers 2015-2020, takes
a different perspective than the last report.  In the current climate of
limited resources, this document seeks to set actionable goals and
objectives for the next five years.  It is not meant to be a comprehensive
document of all GEO programs but rather a near-term plan of GEO-wide
priorities.   More detailed information on specific programs and thrusts is
currently part of each of the four GEO divisions' planning activities
(Atmosphere/Geospace, Earth, Ocean, and Polar).

The draft report is available at
http://www.nsf.gov/geo/adgeo/advcomm/gpf-draft/.   We are very interested
in receiving your feedback on this document and encourage you to not only
review and comment but also to share the draft with your colleagues.
 Please send your comments to geovision at nsf.gov<mailto:geovision at nsf.gov>
by Friday, September 12th.

Thank you.  We look forward to hearing from you.

George Hornberger, Chair, AC GEO
Roger Wakimoto, Assistant Director, GEO

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