[Ecsa] [Nsa] Update on recent activities of NSA EC

Matthias Steiner msteiner at ucar.edu
Wed Nov 27 15:09:43 MST 2013

Dear Members of the NCAR Scientist Assembly,

This is a brief update on recent activities of the NCAR Scientists
Assembly (NSA) Executive Committee (EC).  In addition, we would like to
solicit your input with regard to activities or dialogues that the NSA
should entertain.

Currently, the NSA EC is engaging senior NCAR and UCAR management in
discussions of the increasing indirect/overhead cost rates and associated
budget implications.  Clearly, setting these rates is a complicated
process influenced by many factors, and we would like to facilitate a
better understanding of it by the NSA.  We will keep you posted about
progress in that regard and hopefully will be in a position to facilitate
an educational NSA meeting sometime early next year.

On a different matter, the NSA EC is supposed to represent a diverse group
of NCAR scientists, and we recognize the challenges associated with this
responsibility.  It is difficult to identify and satisfy every need of
such a diverse group.  Thus, we encourage you to contact us with relevant
issues or concerns that you may have.  We are genuinely interested in
hearing what topics are important to NCAR scientists, and where the NSA EC
should focus its energies.

If you have questions or comments, please contact your NSA EC
representative.  Thank you!

Wishing you and your family a happy Thanksgiving,

Matthias Steiner and Scott McIntosh (NSA EC Co-Chairs)
Jimy Dudhia (MMM)
Natasha Flyer (CISL)
Andrew Gettelman (CGD)
Alma Hodzik (ACD)
Jeff Lazo (RAL)
Britton Stephens (EOL)
Peter Gent (NCAR Science Advisor)
Simone Tilmes (ECSA Co-Chair)
Rebecca Centeno (ECSA Co-Chair)

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