[Ecsa] [Nsa] Invitation from Brian O'Neill - Mtg. of the Climate and Human Systems Project - 12/3/13

Stephanie Shearer shearer at ucar.edu
Tue Nov 19 13:06:16 MST 2013

TO:  NCAR Scientist Assembly

FROM:  Brian O'Neill, CGD Climate and Human Systems Project

SUBJECT:  Invitation to attend the December 3, 2013 Meeting 
of the Climate and Human Systems Project

Dear Colleagues,

As some of you may know, CGD created a new cross-cutting 
project earlier this year called the Climate and Human 
Systems Project (CHSP), intended to foster work across the 
physical, human, and ecological dimensions of climate change 
within CGD, as well as between CGD, other parts of NCAR and 
external partners. We have been meeting monthly within CGD 
since June to decide on initial goals of the project, and 
concluded that a main activity would be carrying out a 
cross-cutting research project that included all three of 
these dimensions of the climate issue. We decided to focus 
on the topic of avoided impacts; that is, the reduction in 
impacts that would occur if the world achieved a lower level 
of climate change as compared to a higher one. These impacts 
will include physical impacts on the climate system as well 
as ecological and societal impacts.

We would like to invite anyone who might be interested in 
participating in
this study to attend the next CHSP meeting on December 3, 
2013 at 2:00pm in the Mesa Lab Damon Room. We will outline 
there the current plan and discuss any additions, 
modifications, or feedback you might have. For more 
information, you can have a look at the project website 
(http://chsp.ucar.edu/), in particular the project wiki 
which contains
notes and slides from previous meetings, and a draft outline 
of the study
on avoided impacts (access the wiki through the "Internal | 
Login" link on
the right side of the page).

I realize not everyone who might be interested will be able 
to make this
meeting, due to schedule conflicts. Joining us at a future 
meeting will
always be possible, and in the meantime you can get in touch 
with me with
any questions or thoughts you might want to offer.

Thanks, Brian

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